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Sunday, 20 January 2013

We Are Infinite

"Because I know there are people who say all these things don't happen. And there are people who forget what it's like to be 16 when they turn 17.
I know these will all be stories someday. And our pictures will become old photographs. We'll all become somebody's mom or dad. But right now these moments are not stories.
This is happening, I am here and I am looking at her. And she is so beautiful. I can see it. This one moment when you know you're not a sad story. You are alive, and you stand up and see the lights on the buildings and everything that makes you wonder.

And you're listening to that song and that drive with the
people you love most in this world. 
And in this moment I swear, we are infinite."
It was a slow and sweet day after a rocker of a night, and PIC and I cuddled in to watch 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower.' It was beautiful and devastating and it made me feel All Of The Things. 
Just so beautiful. Watch it with someone you love (pets are most definitely applicable here) so that you can hug them after. And go easy on the mascara. 
Hope that your Sunday was full of beauty. 
xx Lady Expatriate 

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Saturday Snap: We Love the Balloon Man

I think I'll call it "Balloon Man with Power Lines." Catchy, right?
Seriously - doesn't just looking at him and his pretty payload make you at least a teensy bit happier!?

xx Lady Expatriate

Friday, 12 October 2012

Friday Fave: Korean Stationery

Last weekend, Partner In Crime and I hosted a dear friend of ours who was visiting from Korea. He was a deee-lightful house guest, up for anything, and what's more - he both bought and brought us presents!

The present he bought us deserves a post of its own - and it'll get it, don't you worry - and thus today we can devote all of our attention to the admiration of Korean letter-writing goods. When I was presented with a massive envelope sent with love from my darling amie Ms. Luana, I giggled like a nincompoop. Giggly giggly and you can't blame me. Because check it OUT.

When I found out Joohyeong was going to be making his way to our Charming City, I was presented with an offer from the aforementioned Lady Lu. "Tell me what you want sent," she said, and my mind reeled with possibilities. Gochujang? No, I could probably find that in a Korean grocery store here. Etude House makeup? Nah, don't really need any more makeup. *light bulb* Of COURSE!

I am fully and 100% convinced that nowhere on earth does there exist such cute-eh (please say it with Korean pronunciation in your head) stationery as there does in S.K. And all for about 1000 Won, or a dollar(ish) each! I definitely miss dropping into Daiso on payday and scooping up a stack of pretty notepapers, silly stickers, and cheeky cards to send to buddies.

Before I left Korea last time, I thought I had adequately stocked up. Not the case - in fact, I was running perilously low before this precious parcel ended up in my arms.

Seriously check out the close-up of these bunny stickers. Each of them has its own name. For example, the bunny on the top, second from the right, is called 'Pooping Bunny.' See the poop? This is not unusual for Korean stationery. Also worthy of note: the bunny bums - nope the tail's up higher, that's not a tail - at the top of the stationery. Silly shenanigans indeed! 

So three cheers for beautiful friends and pretty printed paper, both of which have the capacity to make me deliriously happy. And remember, if you're ever looking to book a stationery shopping holiday, hop on Korean Air and head straight for Seoul's dollar stores!

xx Lady Expatriate

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Loveliest Links - September 30th Edition

Pretty things from Honestly WTF

<3 "[Romance] isn't dead, it was just held hostage by the MTA for a little bit." Love this short article from The Gothamist profiling the upcoming restoration of 'Grand Central's Kissing Room'. Sounds like it will once again become a place you'd be pleased to don a stunning chapeau and smooch your sweetheart.

<3 Tutus, tulle, ruby tinted pointe shoes, and Valentino. This makes me feel a lot less silly about still wanting to be a ballerina just for the pretty dresses.

<3 I really try not to follow celebrity news, and living in Cambo makes that pretty easy, but I did find this article on Lady Gaga's recent announcement regarding her eating disorder to be very intelligent. I thought the author did a great job of unpacking the significance of Gaga's timing and the mixed messages inherent to her Body Revolution campaign.

<3 As someone who recently posted a mighty list of lofty ambitions for the year ahead, it was rather interesting to read this ridiculously well-written take on bucket lists versus the reality of adult responsibilities. I don't think I'm going to make my lists mutually exclusive though - I feel like I'll keep trying to keep a balance of the dreamy and the day to day. 'Try' being key...!

<3 New favorite blog award goes to Stars in Jars - a cute as a button site by a crafty gal living in Seoul. I have a feeling the lovely Ms. Whit B Nimble gets the credit for our initial mutual blog discoveries!  

Anything catch your eye on the internet this past week? Please do share!

xx Lady Expatriate

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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

5 Quirky Things I (Mostly) Love About Our Cambodian Apartment

When Partner In Crime and I first began apartment hunting, we had only seen a couple of friends' apartments and really didn't know what to expect in terms of the items typically included in a "furnished apartment" in Phnom Penh.

The first few rentals we viewed were pretty dodgy in this regard, but a quick change of realtors and off we went to see what became our current home - in no small part because it was chock-full of quirky little accents.

I know I owe you all a proper apartment tour, but I have picture frames to figure out how to hang and a couple other little thingamabobs I want polished and pretty before the big reveal. So... consider this a teaser!?

Quirky Thing #1: Art Deco Peacock Lights
When we were apartment hunting and I took a glance waaay up to the ceiling, the deal became almost immediately seal-able. 'Twas love at first sight with these lights (why yes, there's more than one!). 

Quirky Thing #2: Our Dining Room Table
It's a beast to move, but what a gorgeous hunk of wood. The shaping of the bottom of it is so eye-catching (and eye-retaining - I end up staring at it a lot), and the tint of the stain is so rich. Wish it was ours for keeps, though somehow I feel like it wouldn't travel internationally too well...

Quirky Thing #3: Vintage Light
So, I'm preferring to think of this light as 'vintage' and 'art-y,' though some might see fit to make an argument for 'tacky'... In any case, it casts such a soft light, filled with warmth. Definitely cozies up the room, which is still something I love, contrary to what you might expect with the heat!

On the left, our door to the apartment. On the right, our kitchen. Seriously quirky.
Quirky Thing #4 (Now with bonus quirkiness!): Our Kitchen
Nightly (or, in the case of when it's my turn to make dinner, more like weekly), the parade begins: to the kitchen to get the chopping board, back to the main room to get the food from the fridge. Chop chop chop while listening to tunes, off to the kitchen to cook it up, back to the main room to get dishes, fill up the plates in the kitchen, and FINALLY, relax and eat in the main room.
Not quirky at all, you say. Many people have a separate dining room and kitchen. Ah, yes, but do they have to go out their front door to get there!?
In the morning, we literally have to unlock our front door, go out into the hall, unlock the kitchen door, and get to work on breakfast. To pre-emptively answer what has so far been a FAQ, the kitchen's not shared, it's all ours, but it's definitely a fully separate part of the building.

Quirky Thing #5: Our Wooden Doors
While we're on the topic of doors... Did you happen to catch the carving on the door to the kitchen? The carving on our doors is exquisite. I'm not sure how mass-produced they are (probably very), but I do know that I love them and that they kind of make me feel like I'm living in an art gallery!

To sum up...
I remember one apartment that we looked at with the first realtor was a brand new, completely Western style, 100% quirk-less set-up. Very glamorous, very dull. What we wanted was an apartment that made us feel like we were living in Cambodia from the moment we woke up each day, and I guess we got it! One of these quirks (lookin at you, weird-o kitchen) is a slight pain, but I still wouldn't trade in our apartment: pretty attached to this place already, I suppose. 

So yes, ta-da! Oh - what's that? Still whinging about the lack of full house tour, are we!? Hold your horses, dear lovely readers - I'll do my best to get it up here soon! :) 'Til then...

Do Tell: Lovely readers, what's your favorite quirky thing about our apartment? How would you feel about having to go out through your front door to get to your kitchen!?

xx Lady Expatriate 

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Loveliest Links

Emma from 'A Beautiful Mess' may have found the perfect drink for me!
Have you guys noticed that the internet was really, really awesome over the past week?! There's so many things I want to share with you!

I'm especially grateful for these sweet distractions of cool words+photos because, let me tell you lovely readers, the past week has been a real humdinger. A good one to have in the rearview mirror.

Anyway - I'm sure it will just make next week's lovely things seem even lovelier than they would have otherwise.

Less talking, more linking, starting... now!


<3 I think Emma might have solved my 'what to drink in Cambodia?' problem: this looks delicious. 

<3 If you also self-identify with being a 'word nerd', here's a post you need to see from a site I just found out about but think I might love.

<3 Loving Whit B Nimble's Friday Five post chronicling her fondest travel moments. Check it out for tales and pics of Cambodia and India. I love Whit's honesty in how overwhelmed she felt at certain points - this is such a common feeling upon arrivals in such foreign cultures, and I think so much travel-bloggery overlooks this feeling.
(OH! Don't forget to pop back by Our Dear Lady Expatriate on Thursday - I just received Ms B Nimble's answers to my expat interview questions, and - take it from me, folks - you will not want to miss hearing her talking about life-changing love, adjusting her expat attitude, and what beautiful adventures she's set her hopes on for the future. Get excited!!)

<3 I know you've probably read an article or two about goal-setting before, but you probably haven't read one so full of glamour!

Well he's certainly not un-handsome.

<3 Sometimes dresses are so pretty that they make me just sit and smile like a silly person.  

<3 This dude scours google earth streetview images and posts the most extraordinary ones. Love trying to guess where in the world each one is from! 

<3 Post of the week award goes to...
Sarah from Yes of Yes has shared a list of 33 things she's learned in her 33 years of doing that whole air-breathing, life-living thing. #1 was very pivotal this week as I struggled to make a massive decision that pitted my logic against my gut... gut won, and I've not a single regret!


Cheers to what I hope will be a beautiful week ahead for all!

xx Lady Expatriate 

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Loveliest Links

Sweater guard from flapperdoodle's etsy shop - LOVE.
<3 I've been happily preoccupied with the idea of sweater guards after fashion blogging fairy Kani featured them a few months back... then I found the gorgeous set above in flapperdoodle's etsy shop. Do I dare try to even stop myself from ordering them?! They're kind of perfection... 

I'm such a nerd for things like this timeline of future literary sci-fi events.

<3 Second week to feature her in a row, I know, but the incomparable Grrrl Traveler has posted an article listing 10 beloved things about Cambo. I know my own visa ink is still fresh and that I've yet to head out into the rural hills, but I still reckon her post captures the country perfectly!

A pool in the sky? For ME?! Oh, you shouldn't have! 

My fave new blog award goes to Whit B Nimble - be sure to check out this lovely lady's site! She's currently living in Seoul and has posted a delightful DIY stationery project, along with a couple of round-ups of beautiful moments and things. I can't wait until her next post. :)

Best wishes for a lovely week ahead, friends! 

xx Lady Expatriate

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