Thursday, 7 February 2013

Loveliest Links ~ February 7th Edition


Hello lovelies!

How have things been ticking along for you, lately? I just got back from being pampered at The Dollhouse, and am prepping for a new term to start with my evening teenager English class. They're anxious moments, those hours just before the new term starts... I kind of can't believe that it's time for the massive cycle of homework checks and weekly quizzes to begin anew. And the To Do List grows.

In the meantime, here's some internet finery to make us all a little more well-rounded, if not temporarily less productive. Enjoy! 


As aforementioned, bungee jumping is really not on my bucket list. Having at 'er on a giant swing suspended over a canyon, though... THAT sounds awesome.

<3 It's never a bad thing to have a reminder about good posture.

<3 An English expat takes us on a tour of her neighborhood in Doha's West Bay

<3 Brilliant interview (conducted by my smartypants friend Charlie) about the future of Cambodia's royal family

<3 Hierarchy of airport crushes

When/if I have little ones of my own, those suckers are definitely going to grown up bilingual. In... some language. Um, haven't decided which yet. Christine shares the method she will use to help her baby grow up bilingual.  

<3 Sarah's 5 Travel Splurges (Even if you're broke, says she!) 

<3 I would sooo be into starting a career group. Anyone keen!?

<3 A post for my Canada friends to read...! (Also good for anyone with a big ole' bucket list goal that needs crossing off.)

<3 Brilliant interview with an expat who's been kicking it in Cambo for quite some time.


As for me...
A Short History of Nearly Everything - Bill Bryson - I had no idea science could be so un-dreary!

Listening To: The Triple J Hottest 100 tracks for 2012... And what a good year it was.

Girls, though I'm maybe starting to be a little over it? Also finally going to watch Mystic River this weekend. Know I'm years behind, but PIC and I both just read it as our 'book club' pick. (#HowWeRoll, etc.)

Excited About: Not one, but TWO live shows by The Cambodian Space Project this weekend! Friday night at La Croisette, Saturday at Equinox.

Hopefully I'll catch up with some of you lovelies at the Space Project shows, and otherwise hope everyone has a delightful rest of the week!

xx Lady Expatriate