Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A Final Farewell to Cambodia's King Father


Over the past four days, Cambodia bid a final, mournful farewell to His Majesty King Father Norodom Sihanouk. The ceremonies began with a 6km procession on Friday February 1st, and ended with the cremation of his remains on Monday February 4th.

Avoiding the crowds and feeling as though my presence as a fairly new barang expat wasn't appropriate, I spent a quiet long weekend reflecting and lesson planning. While I was on my oasis of a balcony, though, many journalists, bloggers and photographers were out and about, working hard so that others could see and get a feel for what was going on during this solemn but momentous time.

For anyone who fled the city and the crowds, or for those not living in Cambodia but interested in seeing how one properly mourns a King (complete with cannon blasts), here's the best of the best of coverage from the past four days.


Casey Nelson at LTO Cambodia did a fantastic job covering the past weekend, with a post summarizing each day

The Phnom Penh post had good coverage, including a summary with a slideshow.

It's no surprise that the most stunning photography coverage of the event comes from Kampuchea Party Republic. Phenomenal. MUST check these snaps out - they really capture the epic and grand nature of the event, as well as the emotions that ran high all weekend.


My thoughts are with the King Father's family, and with the Cambodian people as they attempt to recover from this loss. May the King Father rest in peace. 

xx Lady Expatriate