Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Loveliest Links ~ January 29th Edition

Some cows. Doin their thing. Just moseying along.
Snapped on the road to Phnom Tamao, Kandal Province.

Hiya lovelies!

How's January treating you so far? Not gonna lie - I've had a bit of a sloooooow start to the year, especially on the blog-writing side of things. I've got a good feeling about February, though, and heaps of post ideas that just are just begging to be explored. Now if only life would just slow down for a minute...

So, true story: felt so sick and rubbish that I didn't leave the house between the time I got home from work on Friday night until we ran out of orange juice on Monday morning. Yup, pretty boring. But in my less bleary-eyed moments, it meant I was even more grateful for internet goodness. Here's the best of the best!


<3 Thinking about teaching at a public school in Korea? These 10 facts are a must read! 

<3 I like garage sales and I love (love!) wine, and thus am pretty excited about the Wine Garage Sale at The Living Room on February 16th. 

<3 This Aussie bloke has hitchhiked around Japan, China, Singapore, across oceans...

<3 Super interesting look into the lives of Cambodia's young royals.

<3 Move to Cambodia offers some street food suggestions for those hoping to ease into this cheap eats scene. 

<3 These photos of abandoned buildings are perfectly stunning and creepy.

<3 Did not know any of these 10 "shocking" things about flight attendants

<3 Also didn't know these 25 things about San Fran! New knowledge abounds this week.

<3 Unknown but obscenely fluffy and cute animal. 

<3 10 ways that travel permanently changed Ashley of Ashley Abroad

<3 Real life stories behind 10 famous love songs... including one of my faves, "Chelsea Hotel No.2" by Mr. Leonard Cohen himself.

<3 Loving Katy's thoughts on Phnom Penh from when she traveled through a few weeks ago. Her description of the city as "beautifully messy" makes my heart flutter - too perfect!

Wow! That was seriously massive. Apparently I've been doing a lot more consuming of internet goodness than contributing to it... whoops.

Anyhow. Bring on February! I call shenanigans on January - feels like a false start. Who's with me?

Do Tell: What link is your favorite? Which love song did you most like reading the story behind?!

xx Lady Expatriate