Monday, 7 January 2013

Happy Returns and Resolutions

Watching the sun come up over the river surrounded by my fave people in the
country = a pretty good start to 2013.

Hiya Dear Readers!
Happy New Year! Know I'm only 7 days late in saying so...

Truth is that I needed a couple of extra days to really figure out what I want out of this year, where my priorities truly stand, and to just enjoy a few beautiful, quiet moments with my Partner In Crime. (True story: tomorrow is our six year anniversary! <3)

So here I return, excited for all the beauty and adventures and challenges that 2013 is sure to bring. I've loved reading everyone's resolution posts (list+goal-setting maniac alert!), and have of course given my own thoughts a heap of pondering.

They go something a little like this:
1. Keep exploring Cambodia and sharing thoughts and experiences with this delightful little blog.
2. Start Khmer lessons (next week!)
3. Get healthy and strong.
4. Remember 'progress not perfection'.
5. Make it home for my baby cousin's wedding.
6. Rock all of my 26 before 26 adventures!
7. Be a heaps good teacher at each of my three teaching jobs.
8. Be a wicked good Partner In Crime.

Should be easy- as, right? Just got to remember number 4...

Hope you all had a gorgeous holiday season and are getting into the swing of 2013!

xx Lady Expatriate 


  1. I'm right there with ya on #4. Happy New Year!!

    1. Happy New Year to you too, my dear! Stoked to keep up with your adventures all through the year ahead :)

      P.S. Lou and I have begun scheming for a triple date at some point...!!

  2. Heck yes for number five. It's going to be magical! Love the goals. I have some beauty ones too. Here's to 2013!

    1. Yea yea yea! Reckon number 5 could easily be my favorite of the list! Your turn, missy: fess up! What goals are you rockin for this year? Bet you've got some good ones :)

    2. 1. Get married and have a rockin' time.
      2. Feel healthier (starting by eating right and working out more) and focus on internal health (goodbye stress)
      3. Be more optimistic.
      4. Advance to area manager with Arbonne (heck, I'd even love to get to regional vice president)
      5. Participate in a fitness challenge (I'm thinking Warrior Dash)
      6. Finish year 3/4 of nursing (I see the light at the end of the tunnel)

    3. Rock on lady. You weren't kiddin - those are some darn good goals. Yea yea yea!

  3. I love your spirit. Are you taking some Khmer classes? That sounds exciting. You are so right with "Progress not perfection" quote and I definitely need to be healthier ;-). Good luck with them!

    1. "I love your spirit" = best compliment ever! Thanks for making my morning, lovely Agness! Khmer classes began last night... can't wait to unleash my mad 'good morning' skills on my favorite cleaner at work!

  4. I should take Khmer lessons too. Have been here for a year now and can still only say the basics! Let me know how it goes and if your teacher is any good!

    1. Our first lesson was awesome - so much fun to feel like less of a klutz when I'm chatting with my neighbors! She's actually my assistant teacher at my kindergarten, so I know for sure that she's a sweetheart of a lady.
      If you're interested, I could definitely connect you guys! It seems like she would be available most evenings.
      Cheers! Thanks for reading, Tammy and Chris! :)

  5. Happy New Year Ms. Ex-Pat. Sounds like you are very happy "way over there". Happy Anniversary too!! So proud of all of your accomplishments! xoxo mom and dad

    1. Can't wait til you guys come visit and see just how happy life is over here! Love you both... xx

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