Friday, 25 January 2013

Friday Favorite Thing: Triple J Hottest 100

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are mere hours away from my favorite day of the year:

Australia Day, also known as Triple J Hottest 100 Day!

When I was living in Australia back in 2010, the nationwide radio station Triple J was my everything. The living room stereo in our party house was permanently tuned to the kickass tunes they were sending out across ze airwaves, and my iPod was filled with old 'Like a Version' podcasts. Couldn't. Get. Enough.

Still can't. One of the best things about being on this side of the world is that when I stream Triple J on sunny Cambo arvos, the timing lines up with the awesome daytime programming, instead of just being able to tune in to the middle of the night B List sets like I had to resort to in Canada.

Lucky you're reading this now, because it just so happens that TOMORROW is the best day of the year to listen to this best ever radio station! Tomorrow is the day that the music heroes of the past year are crowned kings and queens of headphones across Australia and around the world. Tomorrow is the day that the Hottest 100 of 2012, as voted on by listeners, is announced. Tomorrow is going to be wonnnnderful.

Streaming kicks off at 8am Cambodia time, and you can catch all of the goodness here.
Are you going to tune in? Got a prediction for number one!? Give a shout out in the comments!

Happy Almost Australia Day!

xx Lady Expatriate

***Updated! Want to find out what songs made the top 100?! Check out the full list!***