Monday, 14 January 2013

Another Month, Another Wonderful WUPP

Stunning snap of spoken word artist Kosal Kiev, taken by the one and only Nick Sells.
Have you grabbed a copy of the January edition of What's Up Phnom Penh yet? If not, you can get one... well, basically EVERYwhere now. Honestly, it's been kinda crazy to watch circulation go from a couple spots around the city for the first issue to, now, having a chance to pick one up in just about every cafe/hostel/restaurant. It's also been fun to watch the issues get progressively chubbier, plumped up by your humble writers and editors as we happily pile on the feature content.

I was stoked to have two pieces in the January issue: my regular "Your Day" column, complete with a theme common to many NYE resolutions, and a feature piece on the brilliant graphic novel "Eugénie" by the fantastic Patrick Samnang Mey.

I can't believe that a month has passed since I tracked down the healthiest spots in town and later sat opposite Patrick in the noisy Brown's on 51. (Sidenote: Patrick is just about the sweetest guy in the city  - apart from PIC, but of course! Proof: HE treated ME to a coffee, and then gave the WUPP team a copy of each of the French editions of Eugénie! Yeah, wow.)

I've actually got to get going on my articles for the next issue... deadlines: bah!... so I'll leave you with these two written-thought-chunks. Let me know if you have any critiques, suggestions, additions... give a shout in the comments :) 


Your Healthy Day 
"Lunch is obviously a big plate of veg. Flip a coin to decide whether you’re off to Le Jardin for their vegetarian club sandwich, or Vego for a salad the size of your head."
Doing a roundup of the best 'healthy' places in the city has (hopefully!) helped to put a theme in place that will last all year. I've been loving my VIP Sports Club membership so far (review to follow), and there's some other great ideas for upping your veg intake and creating a stressfree nest for the new year.  Check it!


Our Dear Lady Fangirl + Patrick + Graphic Novel Extraordinaire

'Eugénie' by Patrick Samnang Mey
"Eugénie is a perfect graphic novel for both longtime lovers of the medium or for beginners. It can be quickly read as a story of a relationship, though the better idea is to dwell deeply. Take time to ponder parallels to the Greek myth of Orpheus and the novel “The Picture of Dorian Gray, ” both of which are woven throughout the plot, while keeping an eye out for homages to Gustav Klimt, X-Men, and Haruki Murakami, among others. Multiple re-readings truly are warranted in order to savor every detail in the visuals and appreciate the depth of the narrative. "
Back in November, I attended the book launch for the English edition of this amazing graphic novel, part of which is set in this here city, with PIC and my lovely buddy Corie. I remember meeting Patrick and wishing that I could sit down and chat with him in-depth about his work. Thus, when my WUPP Editor, Pierre, asked if I'd be keen to write the piece, I'm pretty sure I responded with a rather unprofessional level of exclamation points!

It was fascinating to plunk down with Patrick and have him flip through the book opus that took over 6 years of his life to create. He was so excited to show me parallels between panels and storylines, and I was more than eager to take in each one. There are actually some photos on his facebook page that show a couple of these, and I definitely recommend checking them out.

My only regret about this article is that I didn't have quadruple the word count to work with. I would have loved to have shared more about Patrick's creative process (awe-inspiring) and about his views on the artistic community in Phnom Penh (eye-opening). I've been chatting with Pierre in hopes of doing another article on Patrick in the future... this fangirl has her fingers crossed.

Definitely do check out the article link to hear more about this ridiculously good book in the full piece and to feast your eyes on a stunning panel from Eugénie. There's a list of places to grab your own copy, too, which I do so highly recommend. And not just because he bought me a coffee.


Hang out awhile on the website, but be sure to grab a paper copy, too. There are so many brilliant articles in this month's issue of What's Up Phnom Penh... as well as some handy-dandy coupons for kickass places like Paperdolls, Le Jardin, and Miss Laura's Dance Workshop

Cheers, my dears!

xx Lady Expatriate