Friday, 30 November 2012

Siem Reap is Hopping, But This Lady's Gutted

Ladies and Gents,

I'm a little gutted. Here I am, wandering Siem Reap in a haze of happiness and vacay-induced extreme love of life, and I happen to stumble upon the coolest looking bar on the most hidden of alleys in the market area, advertising a show by one of my favorite bands...

            ...Which will (of course) be taking place at 10pm the night before my 6am half marathon. GUTTED.

For those of you not running that big old race, or who are more willing to do it on just a few hours shuteye, get thee to the show The Cambodian Space Project is rocking for this Saturday's opening party of the 8th Angkor Photo Festival at the Asana Wooden House. Seriously how good is this going to be!? Gah.

For that matter, the festival itself looks incredible. So wishing I could extend our trip and take it all in. The festival runs from December 1st - 8th, and it's free entry to all the events. Um, brilliant. I also kind of find it amusing that both Pepsi and Greenpeace are among the event sponsors?
Anyway - website for you, complete with program!

If you hurry, you might even be able to catch a ride to this magical little city with none other than the Space Project lovelies themselves! Hop to!

I <3 Siem Reap - did you know!?
Back to pool lounging. Excuse me.

xx Lady Expatriate 

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Kickin It In Siem Reap


Eee! Partner and Crime and I are absolutely giddy to be back in Siem Reap! Devastated as we were that Water Festival was cancelled due to the continued mourning of the King Father's death, it is mighty nice to have a few days that are work-free in the lead up to the half marathon on Sunday.

("Half marathon?" you say. Yes, half marathon. What - have I not posted about our incredible training schedules at all? No, I guess I haven't. Because, uh, they've been rather lackluster. Yikes. Anyway...)

ANYway. Siem Reap has a special spot in the communal heart of PIC and I: we just have the most beautiful memories of temple sunrises, making new friends on Pub Street, incredible restaurants down jovial alleys, and splurging beyond our expectations at the night markets. So happy to be back, and so delighted to once again be viewing Cambodia through touristy eyes!

Today was the 6 hour bus trip through countryside filled with skinny cows and stilt houses, fields stretching to the horizon and shivers over guesses of how many snakes there slithered between here and there. A quick dip in the hostel pool and then we were off to the city centre to judge the best happy hour specials and dig into some amok and lok lak. Yum. A very unique twist finished our night, as you'll soon see!

If only I could remember the name of the restaurant as well as I can remember how
awesome the shrimp amok was... PIC was a massive fan of his lok lak, too, even though
beef can be a sketchy (chewy) choice in Cambo.
Cakori = new favorite store! Jewelery paradise, and not even too pricey, either. Few things make me happier than unique necklaces and neverending tables of earrings... um, wow that sounds shallow. In any case, to arrive at Cakori, walk down Pub Street til you get to UCare, then take a right, and a left at Warehouse. There you be!
Ooo... hello my new pretties!

It's a bar jeep! I mean, why wouldn't it be? And the lovely bartender parks his contraption just
a few steps from our hostel gate... tempting! I have a feeling we'll be seeing him again. 

And now Partner In Crime and I are going to go sit by the nighttime pool, dip our toes in, and plan our day for tomorrow. I have a feeling it will involve much lounging in the sun and happy hour drop-ins.

Half marathon? What half marathon!?

xx Lady Expatriate


Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Well lookie-loo... someone thinks I'm worthy of being nominated for an award, and I don't just mean my Mom.

Truly! The lovely folks at Expats Blog have gone ahead and put me in the running for the Cambodia expat blog of the year... blush, blush, blush.

Part of the way they pick the most-certainly-excited winner is through reader reviews. If you've gotten a kick out of my writing bits, or if my site has helped you at all, I'd be pleased as punch if you type in a line or two of pretty things. Don't be shy!

Click here (HERE!) to head to the fancy-pants review writing page.

I'd be much obliged.

Thanks so much, lovely readers!

xx Lady Expatriate

P.S. Eee! Congrats to my lovely bloggy friend, who also happens to be one of the nominees for South Korea... Whit B Nimble! If you're a fan of hers, I've no doubt she'd send some happy thoughts your way if you pop in and give the gal a thumbs up!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

PIC Gets a Haircut

P.I.C. working some model magic.
Partner In Crime went to go get his hair cut at one of the 8000 Riel ($2) barber shops on our street today. Last time he did so, he took along an old drivers license that featured a particularly debonaire style of the past to have his Cambo cut modeled on.

Today, however, he forgot that expired piece of plastic i.d. So what did he say to his barber who spoke no English?

"Som David Beckham."

Turned out pretty swell, don't you think!?

xx Lady Expatriate

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Market Treats: Banana Leaf Surprise and Sugar Can Juice

J'aime Saturdays. Samedis, I love you.

Saturdays are for sleeping in, lounging in bed and chatting with a half asleep Partner In Crime as the sun gives our room a soft light, and then leisurely coffees on the balcony as we watch the traffic madness on street 310 amp up to its midday fevered pace.

Saturdays are also the best exploring days. On this particular Saturday, PIC and I had a little wander around Boeng Keng Kang Market. A mix of shoes (in impossibly small sizes, sadly), dresses (why so short?), men's clothing, the usual Cambo market twist on a food court (which is to say, lots of grills in a central area, with used dishes being rinsed in a tub of semi-opaque water) and other loveliness, BKK Market thanfully lacks the touristy elements of Russian Market, but doesn't have nearly the same range of goodies as Central Market.

Tis definitely a smaller market, though there's a lot packed in (read: narrow lanes), and one that I have only ever seen a few foreigners within. I definitely owe you faithful readers a few pictures, but I just wasn't feeling like playing the tourist part today.

Until I was.

And then I decided that it was high time to figure out what, oh WHAT, is in those banana leaves that are grilled up streetside around town, as well as investigating just HOW that sugarcane juice tastes afterall. Because I seem to be a blogger with a lack of foresight, I neglected to snap the happy banana leaf man and his grill or the really neat-o looking sugar cane press machine that squeezes out the juice. Som dtoh, dear readers. Maybe later?

ANYway, what I do have for you today is a review of these streetside delicacies.
The banana leaf surprise was filled with yummy coconut sticky rice wrapped around a warm tiny banana. Amazingness in my mouth. And for only 1000 Riel - aka 25 cents! Sincerely delicious and filling... felt like a dessert. Anybody know where it lies on the healthy food / junk food spectrum?

The sugar cane juice was... meh. It definitely didn't taste quite like I expected. Actually, I didn't think it tasted like much at all, and it was eerie how little aftertaste there was. It was really neither sweet enough to rival other sugary drinks, like soda, nor was it refreshing. Boo. At least the machine is pretty cool.

Too bad you don't get to see that part.
(Okay, I won't be cruel. It looks like this.)

And that's what Saturdays are for!
Hope your Saturday was banana leaf surprise levels of awesome!

xx Lady Expatriate 

P.S. Do tell! Have you tried either of these concoctions? ...aaaand?!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Interview With An Expat: Corie in Phnom Penh

Hooray for expat interviews! I forgot how fun they are.
This week I'm chatting with my lovely friend Corie, an American who's been rocking the expat life for quite some time. She's been living and teaching English here in Phnom Penh for the past three years, and she lived in Taiwan even before that. She is one cool cat, as you'll soon see for yourself!

You've just gotten back to Phnom Penh after a two week visit home. What were the biggest reverse-culture shock moments you had while slipping back into life in the US?
I really enjoyed my home, but I feel I can safely say now that I don't plan to be living in the U.S. at any point in the near future. If I go home, it's strictly to see family and friends. That being said, there were some things that really chapped my hide this time around, it being now almost 5 years since I've been abroad. Every time it gets harder.
The first is money. America is expensive. Wow. I really forgot that, and while I think I afford a fairly nice lifestyle here in Cambodia, I thought at least I could get by on a pauperly lifestyle in the States during my visit. Not so. There's nothing more humbling than having to ask Daddy for some return trip cash. Lesson: if you want to have a nice trip back, SAVE!
The other issue I had was with people being unhappy. I can't tell you how many people I spoke to or encountered who just seemed genuinely dissatisfied with everything from their noodle soup to their WHOLE LIVES. And they weren't afraid to take their sourness out on others. What a drag. I don't know about your other readers, but we're so lucky to be surrounded by the warmth of the Cambodian people. It just makes everything in my day to day life much more pleasant.

You first arrived in Phnom Penh over three years ago. What are some of the differences between now and then?

I'm constantly amazed at the rapidity of change here. I arrived in 2009, and the city is very different from when I first arrived. Superficial changes involve a rise in the skyline and increased traffic problems.
A big change for me that seemed to be eased by the change in my wallet thickness was the loss of Beoung Kak, a.k.a. Lakeside. For many years, and definitely when I arrived, the city's backpacker tourism revolved around this area. It was backpacker heaven: $5 rooms, 50 cent beers, $2 meals, and uninhibited 'smoking' opportunities in many areas.It was actually where I started my life here and where I met many of the solid friends that I still keep. The circumstances surrounding the loss of the area are tragic for many of those in the community, and for myself, it signaled the end of an era in many ways.
I try to think that a lot of the changes are for the best, but a lot of work needs to be done to make this city what it's striving to be. For anyone who's considering a visit, it's not the wild frontier it used be, but it's still the "Kingdom of Wonder".

You're definitely known as a stylish gal around these parts - bits from your closet are heavily in demand at our clothes swaps! What can you tell us about shopping in Phnom Penh?
I have always been a clothes hound, and being the youngest of four girls, I've dealt with and embraced hand-me-downs my whole life, so I have no issues with second-hand, which is key to my style here. For more modern styling, I like to check out some local shops like the few Esquisse locations and Paper Dolls. Street 240 is great if you've got a buck to spend, but I've had amazing luck mostly at the Japanese thrift stores.
I also have had good luck with Beoung Keng Kang Market and O'Russey Market. They both have sections dedicated to 2nd hand stuff sourced from China, Korea, and Japan, which come in larger sizes. I have serious issues with shoes, but if you wear a size 8 US or smaller, BKK market is great for quality Korean 2nd hand shoes for around $3-5 a pair. They also have a massive jeans section where they take formerly bootcut jeans and turn them into skinny jeans. It's skinny jeans heaven if you have a good idea of your size. If not, you're only gambling away about $2-3 a pair. In any case, I've made a few fashion mistakes, but I almost always wear what I really LIKE, which is important for anyone who wants to feel good on a night out.

Last but not least, I'd be obliged if you could share 3 tips on living the good life in Phnom Penh!

Health: My roommate Debs consulted with me on this, and she and I both agree that a decent life in Cambodia involves balance. The environment here is incredibly conducive to partying. Cheap spirits and long opening hours and events result in long, dirty weekends. This can leave anyone feeling drained and depressed. So we recommend exercise and healthy eating during the week. There are quite a few good gyms here and anyone can work out a dvd player and exercise vid. Do it. You will feel much, much better.

Phnom Penh can be a little incubator. It's a small, small world, and I think any healthy human needs to have a healthy internet connection and contact with their friends and family at home. One should also stay on top of the news. I'm not the best at this, but I'm working on it.

If you are high-strung and cannot deal with people not living up to your expectations or meeting deadlines, not being punctual, etc., you are in the wrong place. If you're having trouble, Wat Lankga holds weekly meditation sessions. In the end, I still feel that the most easy-going of us have issues, and only time and experience will condition you to the inconsistencies that you will experience. Cheers and good luck! xxx


Thanks so much to Corie for giving us such thoughtful answers! Have some questions for this cool cat? Leave 'em below in the comments and I'll see they get to her!

xx Lady Expatriate

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Teaser: Next Expat Interview Coming Tomorrow!

That's right, dear readers, expat interviews are back! I've no doubt that you thought I had completely forgotten about them... on the contrary, it had just seemed like a good time for a little break. And maybe I got a little lazy? ANYway.

Tomorrow's HIGHLY ANTICIPATED interview is with the ridiculously stylish and generally lovely Corie Sovereign, originally from Minnesota, now celebrating her third year in Phnom Penh. Check back tomorrow to hear her thoughts on reverse culture shock while visiting the US, the way Phnom Penh has changed while she's been living here, her vintage shopping tips, and her advice on living the good life here in the Charming City.

Tomorrow! Can't wait for you to meet the lady to whom these legs belong!

xx Lady Expatriate

Monday, 19 November 2012

Loveliest Links ~ November 19th Edition

The city is all abuzz right now, and my twitter feed is absolutely stuffed with #Obama and #ASEAN. It's been interesting to see Phnom Penh doing its best to deal with this influx of VIP visitors and their accompanying security details, and I for one am not devastated that schools have had a little holiday in an attempt to keep the roads clear.

Clear is definitely not how the riverside roads could currently be described, though - after checking out the tense traffic photo just posted by the ever-amazing Kampuchea Party Republic, I'm pretty content with sitting on my balcony, drinking iced coffee, listening to triple J, and making kickass lesson plans. Thanks for this beauty of a relaxing night, Obama! Now please do make sure human rights issues are on your lips...

.......................... Links! ..........................

Wine vending machines
. Yup, they're a thing. And classier than you're thinking.

I call dibs on the Dr. Seuss house... 

This link contains more poop references than most that I shine a spotlight upon here, but and/or plus it's also a fairly raw and hilarious look at making things for the web. The Oatmeal for President of the Internet. 

I appreciate this honest and fresh look at the stages of culture shock and adjustment.

Is anything unforgivable? That's what this documentary, centered around a Khmer Rouge survivor, seeks to discuss. Bonus good karma points if you contribute to their crowd-funding!

I had never heard of the Belfast Peace Walls before.

Lonely Planet listed the "Top 10 Travel-inspiring Flags." How they came up with the rankings, I have no idea, but I'm not about to argue. [Spoiler alert] Cambo is number 1 (represent!) and Canada rounds out the 10.

Jess of the Globetrotter Girls reflects upon showing up in a new place and having it seem just somewhere she's already been. "Is anywhere new anymore?" she asks.

Smart advice for bloggers part 1 and part 2.

Hope your week is lovely, dear readers. High five to any teachers living in Phnom Penh who find themselves with a 2 or 3 day workweek! ...And Extra-Joss-filled support vibes for my journalist buddies who find themselves in the midst of 14 hour days. Yikes!

xx Lady Expatriate

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Saturday Snap: The Most Exhausting Stall At Russian Market

Seriously - does this photo not just make you kind of exhausted? How does that man keep track of all those parts? How does he even know what they all are!? Yup... I'm fairly in awe.

Happy Saturday, my dears!

xx Lady Expatriate

Friday, 16 November 2012

"It's all happening...." - 5 Upcoming (Awesome) Phnom Penh Events

1. Drawing + Painting Exhibition and Launch of EUG√ČNIE
TONIGHT! 7pm at The Flicks 2

So excited to see more of this graphic novel by Patrick Samnang Mey. Haven't been to a book launch in quite some time - I'm rather excited to get fancied up and get literary!

2. The Launch of Rina's Next Clothing Collection
...and 50% sale on all of her old collection pieces! Boom.
Thursday November 29th at The Ebony Tree

3. The Fourth What's Up Phnom Penh Pool Party
Friday December 7th at The Eighty8
 DJ battles, hilariously-strong drinks that are too cheap for my own good, at the constant threat that someone will pick you up and throw you in the pool: what's up, indeed.

4. The Cambodia Space Project's Third Birthday Party
Friday December 7 at The FCC
"Don't miss this sonic trip to the moon when psychedelic Cambodian rock meets cosmic Indian sounds in one exotic cocktail of sounds." 
5. The History of Things to Come Vintage Sale 
 December 6 - 11 at Cafe Living Room
"Once again it will be a veritable trip through history, featuring corseted jackets and blouses from as far back as the Edwardian Period, 1920's flapper dresses, Second World War, 1950's sundresses and wiggle cocktail gowns, 1960's Mod, Psychedelic, Gunne Sax prairie maxi's from the 70s, and a wholesome range of 1980's evening and daywear for the upcoming party season."
"Wiggle cocktail gowns?" Sounds divine!

See you around town, and cheers to ASEAN for another 4 day weekend. Gosh I was really needing a holiday - hadn't had one in almost a week...

xx Lady Expatriate

Monday, 12 November 2012

Oh How I Love WUPP...

Hiya Lovely Readers,

As you may know, I've been inducted into the magazine collective / brilliant cult that is What's Up Phnom Penh. It's been sealed over absinthe at 11pm on a school night, so I know it's serious.

I'm pretty stoked about it all, too - it fits awfully well with my delight in knowing what's going on in the city, and 'tis definitely fun to add a social aspect to the hours I spend type-type-typing at my keyboard. PLUS my Mom gets really excited when I hold my articles up to the webcam. Terrific, all around.

Anyway, my apologies if you've already grabbed a hard copy, um or if you're just generally not interested, but here are my pieces from the November issue. Cue the ta-da...

Your Hangover Day -  Had a real good night and a less good morning? Here's whatcha do...

Review of Goldie Guesthouse and Sawasdee Spa - Lovely little place to stay or just pop in to be pampered in the city. I love that there were originally three separate houses there before they smashed and crashed and turned it into one sprawling guesthouse. No two rooms the same!

Please don't let me hold you back from clicking around the site, either. In my completely unbiased view, there's some real good content afoot. Just lose yourself in the music, the moment, you own it...

On the writing front, we're all buzzing about and gearing up for the next issue. It's going to be a real busy week(end - My name is Lady Expat, and I am a procrastinator...) of interviewing and writing and proofreading. Not to give anything away, but I have a feeling that each issue is going to just keep getting better than the last!

I'd love to hear your feedback on my pieces, if you have some ideas. Criticism and praise both happily accepted!

Cheers lovelies! Hope your Monday is just a-swimmin along. :)

xx Lady Expatriate

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Loveliest Links ~ November 11th Edition

WWII Wedding
"Blitz Wedding 1941" via Chris Wild / retronaut 

With the daytime temperatures still sitting pretty in the thirties, Canada feels very far away. Even so, I can't help but automatically associate November 11th with plastic poppies, elderly veterans wearing heavy coats against the cold outside cenotaphs, and having it impressed upon me from such a young age how important it is to be grateful for the sacrifices of those who had gone to war in the name of freedom.
Now that I'm older and I've lived in areas still technically at war (Korea) and with a brutal military past (Cambodia), I feel even more grateful to have been so lucky as to have grown up in a peaceful environment. Fellow Canadian expats, here's a reminder if you'd like one, to take that moment of silence today.

How do I dare try to transition from that heavy thought to today's fluffy, lovely links? Maybe I'll try to recommend that you devote what will inevitably turn out to be a few hours of your Sunday to the 1940's archive of retronaut. Goodbye what's left of the afternoon...

Onto the links!

<3 Apparently I seem a little fixated on the whole 'what is an adult' idea. You'd think that at 26 I'd have this figured out, but my increasing age makes it actually feel more confusing than ever. Peter Pan syndrome much? Anyway, I'm really digging this philosophy on the whole 'adult' question.

<3 On my second trip to London (aka, the third time I ever hung out with Partner In Crime in person after talking for months through email and having two previous in-person meetups), PIC took me on that slightly well-known (!) train route to Brighton for a weekend of exploring the Laines and flirting on the pier. I've had a soft spot in my heart for the city ever since and loved reading this snapshot of  the best bits of Brighton.

<3 Cambopedia reports that November marks the start of wedding season in Cambodia. I definitely am looking forward to getting giddy about there being happy events going on in those tents that pop up in the streets - though less excited about having to navigate around them!                                            
<3 Anna has created a rather delightful resource listing a bunch of the best places in Phnom Penh, many of them in my own little neighborhood of BKK1.

<3 Katy has made me nostalgic for Byron Bay - one of my favorite stops on our travels through Australia. She even made it to the market that sets up across the train tracks. I can remember it all so clearly - it feels weird that it's so far away geographically! 

<3 Ooo, which NYC Ballet Company mini-doco should I watch first? A Behind the Scenes overview? One about $500K worth of pointe shoes? About the dancers' POV in a pas de deux? Actually, it's no competition: definitely the one about the costume department!

That's all for this week, lovelies! Thanks so much for reading.

xx Lady Expatriate

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Saturday Snap: Cyclo Nap

Looks not-uncomfortable. Not a bad way to spend this beautiful, sunny Saturday.
Partner In Crime and I, on the other hand, embarked on a couple hours worth of an epic wander to the Russian Market and back, happily snapping all the way. Will frame those shots up real pretty and pop them up here during the week.
Til then, happy weekend to you, dear readers!

xx Lady Expatriate 

Friday, 9 November 2012

Happy Independence Day, Cambodia!

PIC and I chilled out and watched the fireworks over the Independence Monument from our roof.
Just wanted to dedicate a post - while there's still a few minutes left on November 9th! - to wish a Happy Independence Day to all of the people of Cambodia!

In 1953, under the reign of the late King Norodom Sihanouk, Cambodia declared independence from France. Cambodia's horrific and tragic past is well known, and I wish more people knew about all of the good and beautiful things that happen here everyday, and about Cambodia's optimistic future.

I feel so lucky to live in this country. Every day I see things that make me think about the way I approach my life, I get to talk to people who have a completely different past from my own, and I get to learn more about the intricacies of the culture of Cambodia. My friends and family in Canada keep asking me when I'm planning on moving 'home', and I just have to tell them that I'm so in love with where I'm living!

It's true: Cambodia, I love you.

xx Lady Expatriate

Monday, 5 November 2012

26 for 26: The Best Body Scrub for Cambo - Ever.

It's about time I completed another one of my 26 for 26 goals!

On our last set of holidays, one of my first priorities was to whip up a batch of brown sugar scrub. I'd bookmarked a couple DIY recipes long, long ago, but they had somehow since disappeared into the internet's ether. No worries - a quick search brought up a bunch more.

I ended up deciding to go with the recipe posted here, which she calls "Coffee Love Sugar Scrub." Basically you combine used coffee grounds (good for exfoliation and the caffeine tightens blood vessels), sugar (exfoliates), olive oil (soothes and softens skin), and vanilla extract ("Best Odour"). I kept wishing it would magically turn into something that would taste as good as it smelled.

This really seems to be the perfect DIY scrub for Cambodia. No expensive-as honey, nothing that's hard to find. You could even leave the vanilla extract out of it and then there's not a small grocery store in the city that can't supply you with what you need. I feel like one batch cost me about thirty cents. So much cheaper than stopping by UCare!

And the best thing about doing a scrub like this in Cambo? Cleaning up after you've dripped skin-improving goo all over. Fire up the bum gun in your sink-shower bathroom and you're finished in 10 seconds flat!

Oh, yes: I feel like I was supposed to say something about the effects. My professional opinion? Honestly, it's a beauty of an exfoliator. Partner In Crime approved, too: he was super cuddly for a couple days after I scrub-a-dub-dubbed. So maybe this part shall serve as the warning, as well!?

xx Lady Expatriate  

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Loveliest Links ~ November 4th Edition

Partner in Crime is all like "Why's there razor wire adorning the boundaries of this sidewalk, situated perfectly at knee level?
Why, Phnom Penh, why?"

Hello, hello, and welcome to all the new readers!

I assume a lot of you found your way through WUPP mag, which makes it even more entertaining that WUPP is the reason I've been absent from posting for a few days. Being the most excellent mag ambassador that I am, I definitely attended the writers & editors dinner on Thursday night - with a post-meal absinthe stop, of course, then the rather epic party on Friday night, followed by a Saturday that was - anticlimax alert - a recovery day. Those WUPP kids were keen to go another, but my schedule was devoted solely to sleep.

I swear I'm usually more fun... especially on facebook and twitter. Definitely give a shout and get in on the party.

How was your weekend, lovelies? If you're reading from Phnom Penh, were you at the party on Friday?


<3 I have been loving Traveling Liz's series about her trek to Everest Base Camp. Obviously I'm not keen to head to the top (effing bloody cold!), but I'd be so down for the challenge of getting to Base Camp.

<3 Knees weak, heart palpitating, fingers itching to click 'add to cart'... say hello to the most beautiful vintage finery you've seen in forever. I am actually almost grateful that I don't know how to have things shipped to Phnom Penh.

<3 I'm not saying that I'm owning up to the 'adult' label myself, but I am saying that this gave me tingles.

<3 Confession: I've never been to afternoon tea. Tiny cakes and delighted chatter in a beautiful room? I'll take three! Especially after reading this Khmer440 article profiling tea spots around Phnom Penh... check it out, even if just to see the photos of the delicate desserts.

<3 New fave photography blog: Angelo Partemi does a brilliant job of capturing quiet moments around Seoul. One to put on your blogroll if you're interested in seeing Korea outside of Gangnam.

<3 The divine Anna Mischke offers some personal and honest thoughts about the transitory nature of expat friendships. Can you relate?


Additional explanation for recent blogging absence:

I arrived home around 5am on Friday night (Saturday morning? I think it still counts as Friday night...) and started skyping with my parents. Yup. I'm basically hoping I didn't tell them all my secrets. We were out of milk, so Partner In Crime was eating cereal with water. I thought this was HILARIOUS and grabbed his bowl to show them on the webcam built into the top of my laptop frame... promptly dumping the contents on my keyboard in the process. Shit. So yesterday my Most Important Possession was in several pieces, splayed in front of the fan, while I slept with fingers crossed. Got the guts to try it out this morning and TA-DA!

The moral of this story is not to skype with your parents at 5am on Friday night. Or actually it's probably not to eat cereal with water.

Hope the week ahead is wonnnderful!

xx Lady Expatriate 

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Best of October

It can be really tricky for female teachers to strike the right balance between feminine and authoritative while being modest but still rocking your personal style. Here's one of my fave adult class teaching ensembles. 

For an expat who always seems to find herself stuck without an oven, stovetop desserts are just about the best thing in the world. Thus, when I discovered this cylinder of British custard powder in the grocery store 'round the corner, I did a little dance. And then I added bananas. Because there's always just so many bananas.

This post chronicles what was just about one of the best days of my life. Great morning with my kindy babes, a whole lot of fun chatting with my rock star of a boss, and an unbelievable concert by a legendary band. Phnom Penh is just such a gorgeous place to be!

And my favorite photo from October is.... (I assume you're drumrolling!?)... this one!


I hope October treated you kindly, dear readers. I'm sure everyone who's reading from Cambo is joining me in wishing for a slight dip in temps and a gorgeous start to the dry season.

November's going to be a bit of a crazy one for me: I just picked up a 3 afternoon per week tutoring gig, in addition to my other two teaching jobs, writing for WUPP and hanging out here on the blog. Glad that Partner In Crime and I have stocked up on coffee!

Best wishes for a beauty of a November!

xx Lady Expatriate