Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A Cry For Health Insurance Help!

Riding the Apollo at Dreamland on the weekend.
Made all the more scary when I remembered, while upside down over Phnom Penh, that I did not have health insurance.

Lovely Readers, let me begin with a confession:

I like to think I'm a smart girl. But, sometimes I am a smart girl who does silly things. Like live abroad without any insurance.

There's a couple factors that have gone into this reluctance to sign up for all the self-assuredness that comes with a policy containing medi-evac:
  1. A few remaining threads of that teenage/ early-twenties "I'm invincible" mindset
  2. A lack of funds in general 
  3. The thought that I got away with living a year in Oz sans insurance... maybe it could work for Cambo? 
  4. Outrage at the fact that my insurance, as a womb-toting woman, is TWICE as much as the same policy for PIC, despite the fact that I absolutely have no use for its baby-growing abilities within the next calendar year
  5. The idea that I'm just generally not sure of what company to go to - I don't want to sink a lot of money into something that could fail me in such a major way
While number four is infuriating, number five is the major sticky spot, I think. Uncertainty of where to begin - bah. Should I go with pricey traditional health insurance, something like Integra? Or maybe something like World Nomads - much cheaper. without a lot of day-to-day care, but with medi-evac - is enough for me.

Readers, I have a feeling that many of you are fellow expats, and I need your advice. What health insurance plan do you entrust with your life slash send your hard-earned dollars to?

I'd be so grateful for any tips you lovelies have. My (future) health is (over-dramatically) in your hands!

xx Lady Expatriate

Monday, 29 October 2012

I heart thoughts. And catalogs. And combos thereof. But mostly lists!

How lucky we are to catch a glimpse of the elusive List Butterfly in its natural meadow habitat!
So happy to share this moment with you, dear readers.

Lovely friends, I am hereby issuing a New Favorite Website Alert. Perhaps, as has been the case on at least 2.8 separate occasions, I am the last to know about this delightful corner of the internet. But JUST IN CASE.

It's not often you find a website that combines humor and introspection and goal-thinking so ingeniously as the so-simple site Thought Catalog. Of course, I'm likely incredibly biased due to my rather extreme obsession with lists, but... well, no buts. I *am* biased, but I think even non-list-maniacs will get a kick out of it.

Break it down. 
What: site that makes lists about silly topics, serious topics, very socially-relevant topics.
Who: seems to focus on twenty-somethings. Because that age group is so lacking for coverage?
Why: funny, but some things are also a little painfully true. Makes you think about past decisions/attitudes/goals and future ones.

Current fave list #1: 22 Things You Could Be Doing With Your Life Instead of Getting Married
Makes me want to have an 'espresso phase.' But also makes me stoked to be in a relationship where, random "boinking" aside, I could do all these things, and sometimes with company from Partner In Crime. 'Tis indeed why he has the PIC title. Cheers to chilled out relationships. [Edit: wow that sounded sufficiently gloaty. Feel free to punch me... now. Som dtoh, friends.]

Current fave list #2: 19 Things To Stop Doing in Your Twenties
Remember how I mentioned painfully true? This feels a little like what I imagine a chat with a big sister who was sick of sugarcoating might be like. But that's a good thing! Identifying areas of improvement, building character and such, right?

Because I like lists, reading these lists inspired my own lists. And then I researched whether sun- or shade-grown espresso beans are better. (Hint: shade grown.)

Hope your Monday is swim-swim-swimming along. Unless you're reading me from the East coast of North Am. In which case that is an inapproriate turn of phrase and I'm sending you best wishes to keep safe.

OH - And please do give a shout in the Comments about which list from the site caught your eye most, or join the convo on facebook!

xx Lady Expatriate

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Loveliest Links ~ October 28th Edition

<3 This ebook
seems like it would be a great resource for a newbie looking to figure out how to go through the process of moving to another country to teach English. And it's FREE! Hurrah!

<3 This post suggests putting olive oil on your eyelashes - is this something you would try? I think I'm gonna go for it...

<3 "I hate it when my house is so big, I need two wifi routers" and other first world problems, as read by Haitians in this new ad for a clean water fund.

<3  The ever amazing Grrrl Traveler has an insightful and honest post up about observations she can't help but make after returning home to the States following extended adventures abroad. Reverse culture shock is definitely a thing - a very disorienting thing. 

<3 Ahhh, a day in the life of a professional fashion blogger... looks lovely? I feel like I'd miss all the hugs and breakthrough vocab moments of teaching... though perhaps not when my little students have their poopy-pants moments. Bah.

I copied this list of 4 little things to do to show people you love them into my notebook. My fave: definitely the email with the memory. Need to do that more often.


Hope you've had a happy 1st of 2 Halloween weekends for this year, lovely readers! Would adore it if you'd send a link to your costume choice in the comments :)

xx Lady Expatriate

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Saturday Snap: ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead

I know that it's massively cliche, but where else could this ever happen besides Cambodia? This was Friday: 
  1. Show up at the job I adore and chat with my wicked cool boss for half an hour before our kids arrive. As usually happens, we discover that we both have the same plans for the evening. 
  2. She seems stoked to see that I'm so excited about ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, the band playing at Sharky's that night. She listens to me ramble on about how Partner In Crime has listened to them for ten years and how he put them on the very first mix cd he crafted for me, 5 whole years ago. 
  3. She then casually mentions that she knows Conrad, the lead singer of the band (of course she does!) and offers to intro PIC. 
  4. Convo topic then moves to Saturday night plans - again, we're entertaining the same itinerary ideas - and I gush about how much I love The Cambodian Space Project. She knows Srey Chanthy (of course she does!) and tells me what a sweetheart she is. 
  5. Show up at Sharky's later that night, ready for a right good jump around. Boss and I take turns topping up eachother's drinks, and sure enough - JDB gets his intro to a guy he's thought was effing brilliantly cool for the past decade. 
  6. Just hours after I wondered if my moshing days were over, I find myself back pushing and shoving in the pit alongside the darling Anna Mischke - in my halter dress, wedge heels and all. 
That's Partner In Crime on the left, look of glee in his eyes, heavily. All the fellas in the band were so chill and cool as.
Meeting bands, kicking it with best boss ever, moshing in heels. Just a regular Friday night in the Kingdom of Cambodia!  

xx Lady Expatriate

Friday, 26 October 2012

Old Friends (Internet) + New Friends (Bike!) + 2 PP Dance Party Suggestions

Oh l'internets, oh how I missed you! It's been a long two days sans connection, save for coffee-house sitting, and I'm pretty pumped to be able to procrastinate on pinterest and laze around on facebook once more!

Honestly, when you see how our internet cables are strung up, I feel like you, too, would be amazed that it isn't messed up more often. Behold:

So, on the right side, you can kind of make out the plastic twist ties connecting the mess of cables coming from our apartment. On the right, you can kind of see a black mass, which would be made up of wires from all the surrounding houses. You can also see our cables strung across the street. Hooray! What could possibly go wrong!?

Anyway, that's not what I'm here to talk about. Cutting to the chase starting.. now. Meet my new friend!

Um yeah - chummy teens? I don't know. Sounds NSFW-ish.
It feels so exciting to know that I can get anywhere in the city under my own steam. Not without being a little freaked out by the traffic, and not without having sweat pooling upon my collarbones etc, but still - I want to go there and my bicyclette can take me. I love that feeling of control.

But, first stop: getting health insurance. Bah.


Changing course entirely - Phnom Penhers! 2 - count 'em if you must! - wicked events for this evening!

1. What's Up Phnom Penh is throwing a mad party with DJ Theory propelling beautiful sounds around the room.

2. Sharky's is hosting And You Will Know Us By The Trail of the Dead. SERIOUSLY. Not a hoax! Starts at 8, $3 at the door. This is where you can find me tonight - I'll be the blonde-bob-headed one kicking up dust on the dance floor!

And I will lose my mind if they play this song that Partner In Crime put on the first mix cd he ever made me, 5 years ago! (Language warning as, by the by.)

Hope your Friday is filled with fantastic flailings and heartfelt bobbings!

xx Lady Expatriate

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

60's Khmer Rock For Your Wednesday Dance Party

'Tis Wednesday, dear readers, and that calls for a dance party. May I suggest a really, reeeeaaaallly good tune from the golden age of Khmer rock? This 60's classic translates to "I'm sixteen." Lose the headphones - get this on the big speakers!

And just because I think they're basically my favorite band at the moment, here's The Cambodian Space Project doing a brilliant cover of it, circa 2009.

Like that? Live in Phnom Penh? Then you should definitely plan at being at Equinox on Saturday night. The Cambodian Space Project is rolling out "Kingdom Of Sound - a tribute to the '60's golden era of Cambodian psychedelic rock and the films of His Royal Highness Norodom Sihanouk."

Seems like a fantastic way to honor the late King Father's life and artistic legacy, not to mention a great way to spend your Saturday night! Check out the facebook event for more details. 

Hope to see you on the dance floor! 

xx Lady Expatriate 

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Loveliest Links - October 21st Edition

Photo by Toni Frissell, via.

Holy banana pancakes, batman: was the the internet a good place to hang out this past week or what!?
(Hint: not 'what.')


<3 These photos by Kampuchea Party Republic are not only stunning, they also sincerely capture the mood and spirit of the city after the sad passing of His Majesty King Father Norodom Sihanouk.

<3 Ever since I first watched Shortbus, I've always wanted to hang out in a sensory deprivation tank for awhile. Seems intense. 

<3 It's kind of crazy that the same week that I watched this Ted Talk, Elsie posted this picture of the "Before I die..." wall in Chicago. Such a gorgeous idea.  

<3 Planning a round the world trip? Well lucky you. And I don't just mean that in the snide way. Like, seriously lucky you because lovely Katy has posted some tips to do it all without getting madly overwhelmed.

<3 Two food things that are really smart: this and this

<3 You cats are already probably hip to this kid's steeze, but just in case: I bring you the grade three student who dresses up as a different historical figure each day. How effing neat.

<3 This defines creepy/cool.

<3 Meredith from One Sheepish Girl is really rubbing this no fall thing in my face with her roundup of only the most perfect sweaters


I'm gearing up for a full-speed ahead week here in The Charming City. Finishing my articles for the next issue of What's Up Phnom Penh, scheduling skype dates, figuring out my kindy curriculum and meeting friends for wine... it's going to be busy. And beautiful. Fingers crossed.

Hope your week ahead only has hap-hap-happy things in store. Cheers!

xx Lady Expatriate

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Saturday Snap: Meat at the Market

Hope your weekend has some gorgeous moments of relaxation, and maybe a spot of curious wandering, too.

xx Lady Expatriate

Friday, 19 October 2012

Friday Fave: Custard. Yum.

One of my favorite things about expat living is going to the grocery store. Seriously. As I've mentioned before, I can spend hours staring at all of the foreign ingredients and picking out odd, new tastes to try. I also love that grocery stores trying to cater to expats will include comfort foods from all over the world. I'm pretty excited that I can get Tim Tams, the most brilliant cookies ever made, all the way from Australia here in Phnom Penh, as well as the exact brand of jasmine tea that I delighted in while living in Korea. My newest grocery store experiment has been Custard Powder, hailing from England.

The recipe is pretty simple. You mix two tablespoons of powder with a tablespoon of sugar, all the while boiling milk on your gas range. The key is to stir and stir and be patient til the milk gets to that fluffy point. You add the milk to the powder+sugar, mix it all about, then toss it back in the pot and heat it up once more for fun and added fluffiness. Serve it hot, serve it cold, serve it in the pot nine days old. Um, not that last one. Because ants.

One may just conclude that the purpose of this blog is to provide uses for all those bananas one seems to end up with in Phnom Penh, and in keeping with this idea, here is your tip of the day: mush about three bananas with a fork and add it to the dry mixture before you add the boiled milk. I love, love healthy dessert.

Um, so, yes, in terms of healthiness: obviously the finished product is not quite the same as if you were to take a swig of milk and chomp down a banana on its own, but it's really not half bad, either. No doubt it's a processed product using refined sugar, but not too much sugar, and there's no unidentifiable ingredients on the package.  I never really feel too guilty about it. 

And as an expat without an oven, I'm pretty excited anytime I can find a dessert that can go from gas range or freezer to tummy, without needing a few minutes at 300° on the way. Bonus points to this one for making sure I get at least a cup of milk while I'm gulping it down. "Custard, good for ensuring you don't end up with old lady bones" - isn't that what they always say!?

Where:  I got my Bird's Custard Powder at Natural Garden on the corner of 63 and 310 for $2.25. 

xx Lady Expatriate 

P.S. Like custard? Share my devotion to Tim Tams?! Let's hang out on facebook!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Bungee Jumping: Not One of My 26 for 26

Photo: eschlbeck.de via matador
A couple of people have mentioned that bungee jumping would have been a good addition to the 26 for 26 list. And to them I must admit that... well, the feeling of falling freaks me out more than a little!

Lovely readers, please believe me when I say that I've so far ridden some of the steepest, tallest roller coasters in the world, hands up, screaming "Eff ya!" (or some form thereof) at the top of my lungs - love it.

But the sensation of falling just makes my body freeze and panic. Do you know what I mean? The bit where every little piece of your body, from tail bone to tibia, just completely tenses up and screams "nooooo!" It's the reason I rode the Leviathan six times in one day at Canada's Wonderland, but had to summon up a lot of courage to hop on the considerably stumpier Drop Tower even once.

familiental.com via matador
I think because I've built it up so much in my mind, when I meet someone who has bungee jumped before, I find it almost hard to believe that this person, this mortal (and usually lovely!) person in front of me could manage such a stupendous feat. For the first bunch of years of our relationship, whenever it would come up in the company of Partner In Crime, he would be so chill about his bungee experience, and I would always be impressed anew that this person who I knew so well could do something I find unimaginably alien.

So there's the background on that little non-addition to the list. Who knows - maybe I'll just make myself do it, mind over matter, public show of bravery instead of publicly admitting semi-irrational fear. Look for it possibly showing up on next years 27 for 27!

Or maybe not... seriously how scary do these shots from Matador look!? Check out the link to see 25 more of the world's "Burliest Bungee Jumps."

Do tell: have you ever bungee jumped? Was it as scary as I seem to think it is!? If you haven't, are you considering taking the plunge?! (Sorry.)

Bonus Do Tell: What are your thoughts on me incorporating the superlative "burliest" into regular usage here on the blog!? Yay? Nay?

xx Lady Expatriate

Monday, 15 October 2012

Expat Outfit: All Cambo Pieces

Hello lovelies! Welcome to this edition of Expat Outfits. This one is dedicated to Cambodian fashion, which many people seem to think isn't really a thing. I feel inspired to post some Cambodian pretty things after visiting the .Beyond re-branding party this week - a brilliant company that is doing so much to develop the careers of up and coming designers here in Phnom Penh. 

Pockets! I love pockets.

Necklace: Siem Reap night market
Skirt: KeoK'jay Design Vintage
Top: Siem Reap night market
Ta-da! Hope you liked my expat outfit, and hope it's inspired you to hit the shops for some local products. Let me know where you like to shop by leaving a message in the comments!

Thanks for reading :)

xx Lady Expatriate

P.S. Let's get in touch on facebook... could be fun!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Loveliest Links - October 14th Edition

As it turns out, yellow watermelon is A Thing. A Thing that exists. It's yummy! More tangy than sweet, but still super refreshing on the hot, hot days of late. Thumbs up.

<3 I spent more time reflecting on Bon Jovi's Living On A Prayer after reading this than ever before in my life. Which was still only like 24 seconds, but an intense 24 seconds.

<3 Yes and Yes alerted me to this one, but as I'll explain more in future posts, I'm aiming to up the exercise factor. Here's some hints to help you become a morning exerciser. Seriously some insights I've not heard before!

<3 It would be quite the effort to track down the proper eyeliner here in Phnom Penh, but I definitely aim to try this amazing multicolor eyeliner experiment. Brilliant.

<3 Here's a fantastic piece highlighting how cheap it can be to travel to some of the most exquisite, interesting places on Earth. The lovelies at etramping head to a floating market in Thailand, all while staying under a $25 budget. It's on my list now, and it's inspired me to think about our next holidays here in Cambo!  

And that's all I've got for this week, lovelies! I've spent so much time wandering this beautiful city (photos to come!) and far too little time scouring the internet for goodies. Hope you enjoy these great posts, and hope you've had a gorgeous weekend. 

 xx Lady Expatriate

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Saturday Snap: Streetside Barber

Happy Saturday everyone! If you're traveling for Pchum Ben, best wishes for no traffic jams (ha!) and a safe trip. :)

xx Lady Expatriate 

Friday, 12 October 2012

Friday Fave: Korean Stationery

Last weekend, Partner In Crime and I hosted a dear friend of ours who was visiting from Korea. He was a deee-lightful house guest, up for anything, and what's more - he both bought and brought us presents!

The present he bought us deserves a post of its own - and it'll get it, don't you worry - and thus today we can devote all of our attention to the admiration of Korean letter-writing goods. When I was presented with a massive envelope sent with love from my darling amie Ms. Luana, I giggled like a nincompoop. Giggly giggly and you can't blame me. Because check it OUT.

When I found out Joohyeong was going to be making his way to our Charming City, I was presented with an offer from the aforementioned Lady Lu. "Tell me what you want sent," she said, and my mind reeled with possibilities. Gochujang? No, I could probably find that in a Korean grocery store here. Etude House makeup? Nah, don't really need any more makeup. *light bulb* Of COURSE!

I am fully and 100% convinced that nowhere on earth does there exist such cute-eh (please say it with Korean pronunciation in your head) stationery as there does in S.K. And all for about 1000 Won, or a dollar(ish) each! I definitely miss dropping into Daiso on payday and scooping up a stack of pretty notepapers, silly stickers, and cheeky cards to send to buddies.

Before I left Korea last time, I thought I had adequately stocked up. Not the case - in fact, I was running perilously low before this precious parcel ended up in my arms.

Seriously check out the close-up of these bunny stickers. Each of them has its own name. For example, the bunny on the top, second from the right, is called 'Pooping Bunny.' See the poop? This is not unusual for Korean stationery. Also worthy of note: the bunny bums - nope the tail's up higher, that's not a tail - at the top of the stationery. Silly shenanigans indeed! 

So three cheers for beautiful friends and pretty printed paper, both of which have the capacity to make me deliriously happy. And remember, if you're ever looking to book a stationery shopping holiday, hop on Korean Air and head straight for Seoul's dollar stores!

xx Lady Expatriate

Thursday, 11 October 2012


Glorious stack of scarves at Central Market. I was kind of obsessed with those scissors - big heavy metal
lovelies with a well-worn, pale turquoise tortoiseshell handle. I took a bunch of pictures of them - a bunch - and the
mother and daughter running the stall had a good laugh with/at me! I <3 days at the market.

I always get a kick out of reading these posts on sites like Sometimes Sweet, so I thought I'd give it a go myself. No one can deny there's a shade of narcissism to them, but one could also argue the same thing about having a blog in the first place! ^^

Reading: 'Flappers and Philosophers' by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I remember that before I picked up 'The Great Gatsby,' I mistakenly thought that, because it was an "old book," Fitzgerald would be very antiquated and very dry. Quite the opposite, in fact! There's a great political satire in here that's just as relevant today, and his wit really does transcend the century or so separating us. "Bernice Bobs Her Hair" is my fave so far... have you read it!?

Watching: TED talks while eating dinner with Partner In Crime. I love that you can put in 10 minutes of your time and end up learning something new. It's such a great feeling to find one that really piques my interest and end thinking about it on the tuk-tuk the next day - it gives me hope that my brain isn't atrophying despite lack of institutionalized education!

Listening To: A mix cd (really an iPod playlist, but 'mix cd' sounds so much more romantic!) that PIC made for me last week. It's filled with Amanda Palmer, Gaslight Anthem, Mumford and Sons and Cosmo Jarvis, among others. Makes me smile knowing he picked every song out just for me. <3

Thinking About: What to do over the next couple weeks. I'm only working half-days (7am-12pm) for the next little bit, and PIC has the time off as well, so we're left with a lot less cash but a golden opportunity to really get to know our new city, and hopefully some day-trips to the countryside as well. Maybe I'll get to cross off some of my 26 for 26 goals - anyone up for rollerskating!?

Loving: Homemade-ish banana custard. Stay tuned for this one!

Trying to Figure Out: How to live the good life and still be able to pay off my spot of debt at home while making a Cambo teacher salary. This is definitely not the place to get rich, and I find myself sweatin when I think about cashflow. Bah. It really is a small price to pay to live someplace so vibrant as Phnom Penh, but I'm worried about how sustainable it is. I'm planning on talking this out a bit more in the future... hopefully you, my dear readers, will be able to give some guidance! 

Looking Forward To: Figuring out what the Water Festival in November is all about. I haven't done any research at all yet, so I'm really not sure what to expect. It'll be fun to plan a month of water-oriented activities for my kindergarten class, too.

Making Me Happy: Sitting on our big old balcony with Partner In Crime and counting geckos. How good $5 wine tastes after having no wine for weeks. 50 cent packs of chopped-up grapefruits. My little 3 and 4 year old students blowing kisses to me when I go home.

Ta-da! If you're still reading, thanks for showing an interest in my mind-thoughts. Have you done a post like this? Please do link in the comments - I'd love to give it a looksee!

Cheers, dear readers!

xx Lady Expatriate

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Loveliest Links - October 8th Edition

not un-odd/creepy

Hello Dear Readers!

Hope the weekend treated you well! It was so exciting to get to meet some of you at the What's Up Phnom Penh party on Friday night. 

Getting the loveliest links to you late because the power was randomly out for most of yesterday... as you sometimes do in The Charming City. :)

<3 Hidden mothers in Victorian portraits... now with added creepiness.

<3 This is a great post for many reasons. Not least of which because it wisely mentions doodling as being "a lost art." Think about it.

<3 Two rather different articles ended up in my reader this week: one about rejecting expected 'modern life' behaviors that I'm totally digging, and part THREE of 'Everyday Fashion Essentials' - yikes! Part three? Cashmere socks = essential? Not in my books... What do you think?

<3 The last week brought us not one, but two Facebook-oriented fashions.

<3 So I'm a little late on the banned books week (it was Sept 30 - October 6 this year), but this link of alternate things to ban would be a brilliant read any time of year. 

<3 Self-promotion moment of weakness: welcome to all the new readers! Come party with me on Facebook! Don't forget your Like-hug vest...

Wishing you a happy week ahead, dear readers!

xx Lady Expatriate

P.S. Seriously - what do you think about the cashmere socks!? 

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Saturday Snap: Princess Clinic

Partner In Crime made a joke. About me + Princess Clinic.
Can you guess what it was? It was subtle... (not.)

xx Lady Expatriate

Thursday, 4 October 2012

26 for 26: Magazine Goal Done and Dusted - What's Up Phnom Penh!

Last night I got a lovely little surprise when the gorgeous Anna Mischke tagged me in a photo she had just taken and popped on facebook. Just like that - my super secret project of late was revealed!

I'm super excited to have a piece in this month's edition of What's Up Phnom Penh - a new magazine filled with info on brilliant restaurants, businesses, cultural events and such delightful things around town.

My piece was on the perfect day off in Phnom Penh, and I filled mine with (semi-)accidental sleep-ins, delicious food at Ebony Tree and ARTillery, some shopping at Color Vintage and Paperdolls, and a spot of dancing to the hypnotisingly beautiful sounds of The Cambodian Space Project. Perfect day indeed.

Hooray! If you're in town, definitely be sure to pick up a copy of the mag. Um, says I, even though I actually haven't done that yet... tomorrow! Tomorrow I'm going scouting for one. And hopefully dropping by the WUPP party tomorrow night!

So, yesiree, that's my first goal for my 26th year done and dusted!

"Wait, wait wait," you say. "Cheating!" you proclaim. And maybe you kind of sort of have a point. As you might have guessed, the deadline was a bit before my birthday, so I knew about it pre-list-posting. HOWEVER! This item has been on my goals list for many a draft prior to the one that was posted, so I feel okay about it all. Not cheating! Mostly.

xx Lady Expatriate

P.S. As aforementioned, the divine Ms. Mischke is the pal who posted the above pic for me. She's a newbie to Phnom Penh, but she's already got a pretty great handle on what's what, and she's started her own blog. She's been posting some really thoughtful pieces about leaving her home country and impressions on arriving someplace so new and different. I'm in love with her writing style. Definitely drop by and give her some love! <3

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Sometimes I Dress Up As a Teacher

I don't know about you, but I find it to be a bit of a (fun) challenge to dress for my evening classes with my young adult group. Trying to balance authority, modesty, breathable outfits to combat the heat, plus at least a pinch of personality can be tricky. Adding a further layer of difficulty is the fact that as an expat teacher, one has probably showed up in the country with just the dress clothes essentials.

THUS, I've decided to start an occasional feature profiling the things I truly wear to my classes. I thought it might be fun to see if we could get a discussion going about the best teacherly wardrobe pieces!

This piece features my favorite go-to blazer, which is actually a hand-me-down from an old co-worker, a couple of vintage pieces that were bought in Phnom Penh, and a bunch of other random bits. A rather international mishmash, if I do say so!



Blazer: Inherited from my former co-worker when she left Seoul - score!
T-Shirt: Garage Clothing (Toronto) 
Skirt: Basic House (Seoul)
Shoes: My new Perfect Teacher Shoes (Phnom Penh)
Vintage U.S. Polo Association from Color Vintage (Phnom Penh)
Belt: YSL vintage belt from Color Vintage 
Necklace: My Grandma's antique layered chain
Earrings: Cheonho Subway Station dollar store (Seoul)

Have you ever done a 'Teacher Style' outfit shoot? Please, pretty please send a link in the comments! I'd love to see what look you rock in the classroom!

xx Lady Expatriate