Thursday, 13 December 2012

WUPP Articles - December Issue

Holy eye-catchng cover, batman! First off, congrats to the ever glamorous Laura Joy Kiddle for voguing it so spectacularly on the cover. Stunning. Obviously hats off to the unarguably talented Nick Sells for snapping the pic, too.

Honestly, I'm pretty proud to be part of this mag - it just keeps getting better and better with each issue. I was so stoked to find that the December issue contains even more editorial content than the last, and with January looking even more promising again. It's a good little mag, I'm tellin' ya.

As for my involvement...
As always, I did my "Your Day" column, and I have to say: "Three Days Before Payday" was certainly an inspired theme. Monthly pay packets plus daily temptations, not to even mention throwing a few mad weekends into the mix... it's an equation that's sure to leave even those best at budgeting in a bit of a tight spot. I've - personally! - researched some ideas for when you find yourself skint but still keen to enjoy a gorgeous day in the city.
Check it out!  Your Three Days Before Payday


Scars of Cambodia
My second article was a two-pager (wowee! there's only a couple of those per issue!) and yet I still couldn't get all of my thoughts into the article after talking to the amazing director and photographer of the Scars of Cambodia film and photo exhibition.
The three of us met up for an interview at Brown's and sat talking for over an hour. It was fascinating to hear about how they came to be creating this film and photo exhibition, to ask about their techniques, and to get the personal side of the project creation story from their mouths directly. I could tell they have put their hearts and souls into this project... not to mention their sweat! (Seriously. Cambo = hot.)
I was gutted when I couldn't make it to any of the film screenings at CIFF, but I'm already excited about the launch photo exhibition plus a screening of the film on December 22nd. I'm sure that CIFF will be the first of may international film festivals for this duo, and I can't wait to see what the web-documentary, their next step, will be like.

Ta da.

If you're keen to know more about the social/cultural side of Phnom Penh, my expert advice would be to click around the site for a bunch more brilliant articles, including some written by a favorite person of this blog, Ms. Anna Mischke.

Hope you got a kick out of this slightly self-promoting post, and please do say hello if you're also going to check out the Scars of Cambodia opening on the 22nd!

xx Lady Expatriate