Sunday, 23 December 2012

Wayback Snap: Celebrating My 4th Expat Anniversary

Lovely readers, this time four years ago, I had just landed in Korea, plunging myself into a life I had no idea how to prepare for. Fresh out of uni and having previously only made my way around the US and England, I didn't know what to expect, except to expect that I would have to figure it all out as I went along.

Luckily, I had a Partner In Crime waiting in this faraway land. PIC had gone over a few months earlier, while I impatiently waited in Canada to deal with some visa issues. My arrival in Korea marked the first time we'd really lived together, and only the third month that we'd ever even lived on the same continent.

This pic was snapped in the area around Konguk University in Seoul on the very first night that I arrived. Looking back, I know that I was overwhelmed, but I love that all that comes through in this photo is pure glee. And really, a little bit of disbelief that this was actually real: that I was really standing in this country that was not Canada and where most people did not speak English, and that I finally got to be with this amazing guy I'd been tracking long-distance for the previous year. As you can see, I'm not too keen to let go of him!

So it's my four year expat anniversary, and my to my parents' non-delight, I've no plans to make it my last anniversary of living abroad. I'm loving the expat life more with every day - loving how navigating everyday errands requires so much more brain exertion than it would at home, loving how I'm learning so much about another part of the world, loving how I'm learning how much I just don't know about the world. Everyday can't help but bring something new. It's addicting.

Grrrl Traveler just posted an excellent piece explaining why she can't hang up her travel shoes, and I couldn't agree with her reasons more. I've had so much fun living my little expat life so far, and I love having this photo that captures so much emotion from the very first night I lived away from Canada.

Do you remember your first night as an expat? Would love if you'd share a story or two in the comments!

xx Lady Expatriate