Sunday, 9 December 2012

Review of White Lotus Spa and Other Ramblings

A mostly entirely unrelated picture, but a pretty one, non?!

"Wait," you're saying. "This does not appear to be the promised recap of the half marathonamaphone of last weekend. What on earth is all of this procrastination about, Ms. Expat?"

To which I apologize, prostrated before you, dear readers, and try to communicate just how much of a sleeping-teaching zombie I was this week, and how I am only now returning to the world of the non-walking-wounded. Holy crap 21 Kms can really take it out of one [when one is acutely underprepared].

So yesterday I got a massage. As you do? I think that's what people do in such situations. It's a good idea, anyway. People should. 

White Lotus Spa on the corner of 57 and 334 was the lucky place I found myself outside on my walk home from coffee+computer-stuff at Le Jardin. I chose the Khmer Body Massage after the lovely receptionist singled it out following my deeeeeeep air massage hand motions.

Fair enough: ended up being $7 for 60 minutes of stretching me, pulling me, pushing me... basically my lithe-looking masseuse imposed an entire yoga routine on my body whilst I laid limp and allowed myself to be manipulated. And baby, being manipulated has never felt so good. (Author's note: none of this is meant to be sexy-sounding, really!)

My muscles had their first good stretch since the moments between when I gave a poor sweaty post-race effort and I got stuffed into a bus seat with our luggage for the 7 hour trip back to The Penh last Sunday. My only regret was that it had taken me this long to hop onto that cushy bed on the floor and have my woes massaged away.

Upsides of White Lotus
  • Seriously, my masseuse rocked. She looked tiny, but she could really put some force into the stretches and such. Rockstar. 
  • Seven dollars felt bargain for such a great massage without wandering outside the BKK1 neighborhood. 
  • Walk-ins = seemed to be no problem. 
  • I'm always a sucker for a place that offers you hot tea upon entering.

A Downside
  • The room that I was in had three beds on the floor, all separated by luxurious looking curtains. When my massage began, it was just me, but later on a couple came in and started sorting their lives out verbally from beyond the curtain whilst getting their rubdown. For that reason, and, because of the saxophone and flute-heavy muzak that was pumped in and seemed to play "Puppy Love" on repeat, I was awfully glad I had my iPod around. A must. 
And there you have it. White Lotus Spa gets a thumbs up, muzak Paul Anka covers less so.

xx Lady Expatriate