Thursday, 6 December 2012

Loveliest Links ~ December 6th Edition

Chand Baori (1)
Seems like a long way to go for green goo.
(Chaand Baori well in India. Built in the 9th C. 3500 steps)
Seriously check out the whole post for more mindblowing images.

The grind has surely been grinding this week, lovely readers. I don't know about you, but this has been the most exhausting week I can recall. I feel like it's a combo of ongoing recovery from the race, the pile-up of work at each of my teaching gigs, and not being used to having to work a full week without a holiday. 5 full days of work!? No festivals, no international summits? My brain can't even process that anymore! 

Not to worry, though: another holiday soon enough! Monday = Human Rights Day. Also known as catch up on missing sleep and improving half-baked lesson plans day. And maybe Boardwalk Empire marathon day. I'm excited for Monday already!
(Sidenote: I really do care about human rights, I do! And if you do, too, you can be all like "the change you want to see in the world" and write for human rights on Dec 10!)
Hopefully I'll have the race recap post up by then... gah. Though I've currently not got the energy to put together the epic post that I want that one to be, I've been missing the blogging-ness. What a perfect time to share a couple fancy-tickling links, don't you think?


<3 The Cambodia International Film Festival starts tomorrow! Runs til the 12th. Features a general assortment of brilliance and entertainment, if the program is to be believed. 

<3 I'm well aware that cultural sensitivity is a thing. But I'm also well aware that this news makes me incredibly happy.

<3 Things to do instead of spending money. Which is to say, things that my December schedule will be filled with.

<3 Swoon-worthy art. That almost lowers my self esteem? Seriously - who can compete with such beauty.

<3 Half marathons all over! Go check out how Katy's New Zealand 21Km jaunt went, and be sure to pass on some hearty congrats.

<3 This makeup post makes me want to learn how to play with pretty colors. And this one makes me want to go pluck my eyebrows.

<3 You guys. Have you read much of Ned Kelly's writing? Not only does he share a name with the most badass Aussie outlaw, but he also pens an effing really entertaining read. Think Heller, Vonnegut, Thompson, and Robbins - but set in this here Kingdom of Wonders. My favorite piece. 

Post of the week: 
<3 I've been meaning to do a post like this for awhile, but honestly they've just rocked it. The definitive post about the madness that Cambodians can, and regularly do, transport on their motos.

Hope your Friday is smooth-sailing aplenty!

xx Lady Expatriate

aka the girl who PIC found asleep, faceplanted on her teacher's guide, on the balcony circa 9pm last night)