Monday, 24 December 2012

Loveliest Links ~ December 24th Edition

It's not exactly beginning to feel anything like Christmas, but kudos to Cambo for giving The Look a solid go. So intriguing that the Christmas decorations here are Caucasian Santa in his fleecy suit, richly decorated pine trees, and cutout paper snowflakes, despite those things having all of nothing to do with local daily life. I'd really love to know more about the evolution of Christmas in Cambo, and how it came to be so exactly copied from Western traditions.

In any case, I shan't complain too much, because here I find myself with mornings off, holiday style, for the next week or so. Poor Partner In Crime only gets a reprieve from his dress shirts and attendance sheets on Christmas Day and New Years Day. Luckily he's being a sweetheart about it all, and not (openly) resenting me too much. I think he knows that my relaxed-as schedule means I'll be a bit sweeter and less of a stressed grouch, so perhaps he's just delighted about that.

So yes, happy Christmas Eve! PIC and I have been saving up for awhile and are stoked about plans for a group Christmas brunch at the fancypants Himiwari Hotel here in town. A brunch with a freeflow of beer, if I remember correctly. I.e. the best kind of brunch, in PIC's opinion. How are you going to celebrate? Please do let me know in the comments!

And onto those promised links! Think of them as an early Christmas present?


<3 Did not know that Azerbaijan looked this modern.

<3 Even though it's hard to find some of these foods here, I definitely still appreciate this list of '98 Cheap and Easy Foods To Make for Under 5 Bucks'

<3 Lou's post about the little ones she teaches in Korea made me remember how much I loved getting my five and six year olds bundled up to head out into the winter weather. There's something so nurturing about helping a little one sort out inside-out coat sleeves and assisting in getting the second mitten on them (pretty difficult when one tiny hand is already mittened!) and wrapping scarves all about their baby necks.Totally amusing how much they would always laugh at things like pulling their hat down over their eyes... seriously every time!

<3 I psyche myself out way too easily. New mantra: progress, not perfection.

<3 Photo essay of mindbendingly massive corsages for homecomings in Texas. Love the ethnography-esque writeups for each photo.

<3 Spunkygirl Monologues has some great tips for tackling the exciting but daunting task of planning your dream trip

<3 Farsickness has done a really informative series of posts about what to expect when working in Korea. "What It's Like to Work At a Hagwon" should be required reading for anyone heading to the ROK.

<3 Manic Pixie Prostitute

<3 No way! Apparently the crazy deserted island from the latest James Bond movie is a real place! 

<3 The first time I watched Girls, I was sitting between PIC and my Mom. The first episode wouldn't work on the Rogers On Demand menu, so we started in on the second episode... which begins with an rather graphic minute-long sex scene . Somehow, I was able to overcome that initial trauma and love the series (despite its many problems). Second season trailer is out, eff ya!

<3 What it's like to be gay in South Korea - one foreigner's perspective.


Happy Holidays, dear readers! 

xx (a very merry) Lady Expatriate