Thursday, 20 December 2012

Aw Shucks - Thanks Guys!

Well gosh. You guys rock. Thank you so much for the beautiful votes.

Not gonna lie, there's no need to lie: I'm pretty excited about this little award. But I was even more excited to read all of the lovely comments that you wrote about the blog, dear readers. Makes me rather giddy when I hear that this little blog has helped people and even inspired people to travel.

Hugs and high-fives to Arjun, Amanda, Ned, Cassandra, Jenna, Carmen, Richard, Katy, Robin, Christine, K-do, Lu, Whit, Meesh, Karen and Bursey. You guys made me grin like a silly, silly kid. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review. An extra high five to Expats Blog for thinking me worthy of a nomination in the first place. And thanks to my hair dresser and my stylist and... blahblahblah. But seriously, thanks guys.

Congrats to Inside Cambodia, LTO Cambodia, and Cambodinuks, too, who received silver, bronze, and honourable mention, respectively. Three cheers for the Cambo blogging community! :)

In other news, internet issues continue to abound, but I'm determined to get some good stuff up here soon. Reckon I should probably earn some of the praise I received just now?!

For the moment, I fear a [borrowed, kinda without permission] wifi hookup outage is imminent, and thus I say cheers, lovelies - hope your Friday is a breeze! As for me, just one more morning of wrangling three and four year olds 'til I've got a bit of a vacay, perfectly suited to catching my breath and sorting my life out. Excited!

xx (a very grateful) Lady Expatriate