Sunday, 16 December 2012

A Flood Because I Am Sometimes Not Smart

I took neither this photo, nor the one of the flood. It's just not who I am, okay!?

So, Friday was exciting.

I came home from my afternoon tutoring session to find three inches of water covering the floor of my apartment, with another four inches covering out slightly sunken balcony, with the overloaded balcony drains pissing pipefuls out onto the street.

And no, I don't have a picture, because unlike the smartypants who snapped the photo above, I opted not to pause amidst my plight and grab an instagram/meme friendly pic. Which is why I will never amount to anything in this day and age. I digress.

Modem = was on the floor. Computer power cords = were on the floor. Luckily, oh-thank-gods style, Partner In Crime had his comp safely stowed in his hip-as backpack (LL Bean, embroidered with his initials, present from his Mommy), while mine sat stranded on the coffee table, watching the waters rise up to meet it.

The solution was to grab the girls from downstairs and 'som' them into coming up to figure out what the foreigner meant by 'dak dak dak' and frantically waving arms. Two hours of swooshing the traitorous gallons of this life saving essential out onto the balcony followed, and then much remnant-mopping. And THEN the most frightening bit at all: plugging electronic pieces in one by one and looking for the tellatale charging symbol or blue light. The final count: mostly all good, including PIC's computer charging cord, though it was a latecomer to the 'lighting up' circle, leaving our wifi modem as the only unrecoverable piece of plastic technology.

Which could obviously have been so much worse, but still sucks.

The Moral (because obviously this piece needs one):
If you come home between jobs for a pb+j, and go to wash your hands only to find no water gushing out the tap, ensure that you don't haphazardly wiggle the tap handle in an attempt to encourage the water. That will do nothing because the water is likely turned off on your entire street. Because Phnom Penh. And it will greatly increase the chances of you leaving the tap in the 'on' position and being none the wiser. Which really sucks when the water turns on again in what I assume were the moments immediately following my exit. Heed the message of this here moral, dear readers: this is my plea.

Anyway, if it seems like I've been distant and cold, please don't take it personally. It's not you, lovelies, it's me and my idiotic ways and waterlogged internet access. I'll sort it out and see you soon.

xx Lady Expatriate