Sunday, 4 November 2012

Loveliest Links ~ November 4th Edition

Partner in Crime is all like "Why's there razor wire adorning the boundaries of this sidewalk, situated perfectly at knee level?
Why, Phnom Penh, why?"

Hello, hello, and welcome to all the new readers!

I assume a lot of you found your way through WUPP mag, which makes it even more entertaining that WUPP is the reason I've been absent from posting for a few days. Being the most excellent mag ambassador that I am, I definitely attended the writers & editors dinner on Thursday night - with a post-meal absinthe stop, of course, then the rather epic party on Friday night, followed by a Saturday that was - anticlimax alert - a recovery day. Those WUPP kids were keen to go another, but my schedule was devoted solely to sleep.

I swear I'm usually more fun... especially on facebook and twitter. Definitely give a shout and get in on the party.

How was your weekend, lovelies? If you're reading from Phnom Penh, were you at the party on Friday?


<3 I have been loving Traveling Liz's series about her trek to Everest Base Camp. Obviously I'm not keen to head to the top (effing bloody cold!), but I'd be so down for the challenge of getting to Base Camp.

<3 Knees weak, heart palpitating, fingers itching to click 'add to cart'... say hello to the most beautiful vintage finery you've seen in forever. I am actually almost grateful that I don't know how to have things shipped to Phnom Penh.

<3 I'm not saying that I'm owning up to the 'adult' label myself, but I am saying that this gave me tingles.

<3 Confession: I've never been to afternoon tea. Tiny cakes and delighted chatter in a beautiful room? I'll take three! Especially after reading this Khmer440 article profiling tea spots around Phnom Penh... check it out, even if just to see the photos of the delicate desserts.

<3 New fave photography blog: Angelo Partemi does a brilliant job of capturing quiet moments around Seoul. One to put on your blogroll if you're interested in seeing Korea outside of Gangnam.

<3 The divine Anna Mischke offers some personal and honest thoughts about the transitory nature of expat friendships. Can you relate?


Additional explanation for recent blogging absence:

I arrived home around 5am on Friday night (Saturday morning? I think it still counts as Friday night...) and started skyping with my parents. Yup. I'm basically hoping I didn't tell them all my secrets. We were out of milk, so Partner In Crime was eating cereal with water. I thought this was HILARIOUS and grabbed his bowl to show them on the webcam built into the top of my laptop frame... promptly dumping the contents on my keyboard in the process. Shit. So yesterday my Most Important Possession was in several pieces, splayed in front of the fan, while I slept with fingers crossed. Got the guts to try it out this morning and TA-DA!

The moral of this story is not to skype with your parents at 5am on Friday night. Or actually it's probably not to eat cereal with water.

Hope the week ahead is wonnnderful!

xx Lady Expatriate