Monday, 19 November 2012

Loveliest Links ~ November 19th Edition

The city is all abuzz right now, and my twitter feed is absolutely stuffed with #Obama and #ASEAN. It's been interesting to see Phnom Penh doing its best to deal with this influx of VIP visitors and their accompanying security details, and I for one am not devastated that schools have had a little holiday in an attempt to keep the roads clear.

Clear is definitely not how the riverside roads could currently be described, though - after checking out the tense traffic photo just posted by the ever-amazing Kampuchea Party Republic, I'm pretty content with sitting on my balcony, drinking iced coffee, listening to triple J, and making kickass lesson plans. Thanks for this beauty of a relaxing night, Obama! Now please do make sure human rights issues are on your lips...

.......................... Links! ..........................

Wine vending machines
. Yup, they're a thing. And classier than you're thinking.

I call dibs on the Dr. Seuss house... 

This link contains more poop references than most that I shine a spotlight upon here, but and/or plus it's also a fairly raw and hilarious look at making things for the web. The Oatmeal for President of the Internet. 

I appreciate this honest and fresh look at the stages of culture shock and adjustment.

Is anything unforgivable? That's what this documentary, centered around a Khmer Rouge survivor, seeks to discuss. Bonus good karma points if you contribute to their crowd-funding!

I had never heard of the Belfast Peace Walls before.

Lonely Planet listed the "Top 10 Travel-inspiring Flags." How they came up with the rankings, I have no idea, but I'm not about to argue. [Spoiler alert] Cambo is number 1 (represent!) and Canada rounds out the 10.

Jess of the Globetrotter Girls reflects upon showing up in a new place and having it seem just somewhere she's already been. "Is anywhere new anymore?" she asks.

Smart advice for bloggers part 1 and part 2.

Hope your week is lovely, dear readers. High five to any teachers living in Phnom Penh who find themselves with a 2 or 3 day workweek! ...And Extra-Joss-filled support vibes for my journalist buddies who find themselves in the midst of 14 hour days. Yikes!

xx Lady Expatriate