Sunday, 11 November 2012

Loveliest Links ~ November 11th Edition

WWII Wedding
"Blitz Wedding 1941" via Chris Wild / retronaut 

With the daytime temperatures still sitting pretty in the thirties, Canada feels very far away. Even so, I can't help but automatically associate November 11th with plastic poppies, elderly veterans wearing heavy coats against the cold outside cenotaphs, and having it impressed upon me from such a young age how important it is to be grateful for the sacrifices of those who had gone to war in the name of freedom.
Now that I'm older and I've lived in areas still technically at war (Korea) and with a brutal military past (Cambodia), I feel even more grateful to have been so lucky as to have grown up in a peaceful environment. Fellow Canadian expats, here's a reminder if you'd like one, to take that moment of silence today.

How do I dare try to transition from that heavy thought to today's fluffy, lovely links? Maybe I'll try to recommend that you devote what will inevitably turn out to be a few hours of your Sunday to the 1940's archive of retronaut. Goodbye what's left of the afternoon...

Onto the links!

<3 Apparently I seem a little fixated on the whole 'what is an adult' idea. You'd think that at 26 I'd have this figured out, but my increasing age makes it actually feel more confusing than ever. Peter Pan syndrome much? Anyway, I'm really digging this philosophy on the whole 'adult' question.

<3 On my second trip to London (aka, the third time I ever hung out with Partner In Crime in person after talking for months through email and having two previous in-person meetups), PIC took me on that slightly well-known (!) train route to Brighton for a weekend of exploring the Laines and flirting on the pier. I've had a soft spot in my heart for the city ever since and loved reading this snapshot of  the best bits of Brighton.

<3 Cambopedia reports that November marks the start of wedding season in Cambodia. I definitely am looking forward to getting giddy about there being happy events going on in those tents that pop up in the streets - though less excited about having to navigate around them!                                            
<3 Anna has created a rather delightful resource listing a bunch of the best places in Phnom Penh, many of them in my own little neighborhood of BKK1.

<3 Katy has made me nostalgic for Byron Bay - one of my favorite stops on our travels through Australia. She even made it to the market that sets up across the train tracks. I can remember it all so clearly - it feels weird that it's so far away geographically! 

<3 Ooo, which NYC Ballet Company mini-doco should I watch first? A Behind the Scenes overview? One about $500K worth of pointe shoes? About the dancers' POV in a pas de deux? Actually, it's no competition: definitely the one about the costume department!

That's all for this week, lovelies! Thanks so much for reading.

xx Lady Expatriate