Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Kickin It In Siem Reap


Eee! Partner and Crime and I are absolutely giddy to be back in Siem Reap! Devastated as we were that Water Festival was cancelled due to the continued mourning of the King Father's death, it is mighty nice to have a few days that are work-free in the lead up to the half marathon on Sunday.

("Half marathon?" you say. Yes, half marathon. What - have I not posted about our incredible training schedules at all? No, I guess I haven't. Because, uh, they've been rather lackluster. Yikes. Anyway...)

ANYway. Siem Reap has a special spot in the communal heart of PIC and I: we just have the most beautiful memories of temple sunrises, making new friends on Pub Street, incredible restaurants down jovial alleys, and splurging beyond our expectations at the night markets. So happy to be back, and so delighted to once again be viewing Cambodia through touristy eyes!

Today was the 6 hour bus trip through countryside filled with skinny cows and stilt houses, fields stretching to the horizon and shivers over guesses of how many snakes there slithered between here and there. A quick dip in the hostel pool and then we were off to the city centre to judge the best happy hour specials and dig into some amok and lok lak. Yum. A very unique twist finished our night, as you'll soon see!

If only I could remember the name of the restaurant as well as I can remember how
awesome the shrimp amok was... PIC was a massive fan of his lok lak, too, even though
beef can be a sketchy (chewy) choice in Cambo.
Cakori = new favorite store! Jewelery paradise, and not even too pricey, either. Few things make me happier than unique necklaces and neverending tables of earrings... um, wow that sounds shallow. In any case, to arrive at Cakori, walk down Pub Street til you get to UCare, then take a right, and a left at Warehouse. There you be!
Ooo... hello my new pretties!

It's a bar jeep! I mean, why wouldn't it be? And the lovely bartender parks his contraption just
a few steps from our hostel gate... tempting! I have a feeling we'll be seeing him again. 

And now Partner In Crime and I are going to go sit by the nighttime pool, dip our toes in, and plan our day for tomorrow. I have a feeling it will involve much lounging in the sun and happy hour drop-ins.

Half marathon? What half marathon!?

xx Lady Expatriate