Thursday, 1 November 2012

Best of October

It can be really tricky for female teachers to strike the right balance between feminine and authoritative while being modest but still rocking your personal style. Here's one of my fave adult class teaching ensembles. 

For an expat who always seems to find herself stuck without an oven, stovetop desserts are just about the best thing in the world. Thus, when I discovered this cylinder of British custard powder in the grocery store 'round the corner, I did a little dance. And then I added bananas. Because there's always just so many bananas.

This post chronicles what was just about one of the best days of my life. Great morning with my kindy babes, a whole lot of fun chatting with my rock star of a boss, and an unbelievable concert by a legendary band. Phnom Penh is just such a gorgeous place to be!

And my favorite photo from October is.... (I assume you're drumrolling!?)... this one!


I hope October treated you kindly, dear readers. I'm sure everyone who's reading from Cambo is joining me in wishing for a slight dip in temps and a gorgeous start to the dry season.

November's going to be a bit of a crazy one for me: I just picked up a 3 afternoon per week tutoring gig, in addition to my other two teaching jobs, writing for WUPP and hanging out here on the blog. Glad that Partner In Crime and I have stocked up on coffee!

Best wishes for a beauty of a November!

xx Lady Expatriate