Monday, 5 November 2012

26 for 26: The Best Body Scrub for Cambo - Ever.

It's about time I completed another one of my 26 for 26 goals!

On our last set of holidays, one of my first priorities was to whip up a batch of brown sugar scrub. I'd bookmarked a couple DIY recipes long, long ago, but they had somehow since disappeared into the internet's ether. No worries - a quick search brought up a bunch more.

I ended up deciding to go with the recipe posted here, which she calls "Coffee Love Sugar Scrub." Basically you combine used coffee grounds (good for exfoliation and the caffeine tightens blood vessels), sugar (exfoliates), olive oil (soothes and softens skin), and vanilla extract ("Best Odour"). I kept wishing it would magically turn into something that would taste as good as it smelled.

This really seems to be the perfect DIY scrub for Cambodia. No expensive-as honey, nothing that's hard to find. You could even leave the vanilla extract out of it and then there's not a small grocery store in the city that can't supply you with what you need. I feel like one batch cost me about thirty cents. So much cheaper than stopping by UCare!

And the best thing about doing a scrub like this in Cambo? Cleaning up after you've dripped skin-improving goo all over. Fire up the bum gun in your sink-shower bathroom and you're finished in 10 seconds flat!

Oh, yes: I feel like I was supposed to say something about the effects. My professional opinion? Honestly, it's a beauty of an exfoliator. Partner In Crime approved, too: he was super cuddly for a couple days after I scrub-a-dub-dubbed. So maybe this part shall serve as the warning, as well!?

xx Lady Expatriate