Saturday, 27 October 2012

Saturday Snap: ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead

I know that it's massively cliche, but where else could this ever happen besides Cambodia? This was Friday: 
  1. Show up at the job I adore and chat with my wicked cool boss for half an hour before our kids arrive. As usually happens, we discover that we both have the same plans for the evening. 
  2. She seems stoked to see that I'm so excited about ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, the band playing at Sharky's that night. She listens to me ramble on about how Partner In Crime has listened to them for ten years and how he put them on the very first mix cd he crafted for me, 5 whole years ago. 
  3. She then casually mentions that she knows Conrad, the lead singer of the band (of course she does!) and offers to intro PIC. 
  4. Convo topic then moves to Saturday night plans - again, we're entertaining the same itinerary ideas - and I gush about how much I love The Cambodian Space Project. She knows Srey Chanthy (of course she does!) and tells me what a sweetheart she is. 
  5. Show up at Sharky's later that night, ready for a right good jump around. Boss and I take turns topping up eachother's drinks, and sure enough - JDB gets his intro to a guy he's thought was effing brilliantly cool for the past decade. 
  6. Just hours after I wondered if my moshing days were over, I find myself back pushing and shoving in the pit alongside the darling Anna Mischke - in my halter dress, wedge heels and all. 
That's Partner In Crime on the left, look of glee in his eyes, heavily. All the fellas in the band were so chill and cool as.
Meeting bands, kicking it with best boss ever, moshing in heels. Just a regular Friday night in the Kingdom of Cambodia!  

xx Lady Expatriate