Friday, 26 October 2012

Old Friends (Internet) + New Friends (Bike!) + 2 PP Dance Party Suggestions

Oh l'internets, oh how I missed you! It's been a long two days sans connection, save for coffee-house sitting, and I'm pretty pumped to be able to procrastinate on pinterest and laze around on facebook once more!

Honestly, when you see how our internet cables are strung up, I feel like you, too, would be amazed that it isn't messed up more often. Behold:

So, on the right side, you can kind of make out the plastic twist ties connecting the mess of cables coming from our apartment. On the right, you can kind of see a black mass, which would be made up of wires from all the surrounding houses. You can also see our cables strung across the street. Hooray! What could possibly go wrong!?

Anyway, that's not what I'm here to talk about. Cutting to the chase starting.. now. Meet my new friend!

Um yeah - chummy teens? I don't know. Sounds NSFW-ish.
It feels so exciting to know that I can get anywhere in the city under my own steam. Not without being a little freaked out by the traffic, and not without having sweat pooling upon my collarbones etc, but still - I want to go there and my bicyclette can take me. I love that feeling of control.

But, first stop: getting health insurance. Bah.


Changing course entirely - Phnom Penhers! 2 - count 'em if you must! - wicked events for this evening!

1. What's Up Phnom Penh is throwing a mad party with DJ Theory propelling beautiful sounds around the room.

2. Sharky's is hosting And You Will Know Us By The Trail of the Dead. SERIOUSLY. Not a hoax! Starts at 8, $3 at the door. This is where you can find me tonight - I'll be the blonde-bob-headed one kicking up dust on the dance floor!

And I will lose my mind if they play this song that Partner In Crime put on the first mix cd he ever made me, 5 years ago! (Language warning as, by the by.)

Hope your Friday is filled with fantastic flailings and heartfelt bobbings!

xx Lady Expatriate