Sunday, 7 October 2012

Loveliest Links - October 8th Edition

not un-odd/creepy

Hello Dear Readers!

Hope the weekend treated you well! It was so exciting to get to meet some of you at the What's Up Phnom Penh party on Friday night. 

Getting the loveliest links to you late because the power was randomly out for most of yesterday... as you sometimes do in The Charming City. :)

<3 Hidden mothers in Victorian portraits... now with added creepiness.

<3 This is a great post for many reasons. Not least of which because it wisely mentions doodling as being "a lost art." Think about it.

<3 Two rather different articles ended up in my reader this week: one about rejecting expected 'modern life' behaviors that I'm totally digging, and part THREE of 'Everyday Fashion Essentials' - yikes! Part three? Cashmere socks = essential? Not in my books... What do you think?

<3 The last week brought us not one, but two Facebook-oriented fashions.

<3 So I'm a little late on the banned books week (it was Sept 30 - October 6 this year), but this link of alternate things to ban would be a brilliant read any time of year. 

<3 Self-promotion moment of weakness: welcome to all the new readers! Come party with me on Facebook! Don't forget your Like-hug vest...

Wishing you a happy week ahead, dear readers!

xx Lady Expatriate

P.S. Seriously - what do you think about the cashmere socks!?