Sunday, 28 October 2012

Loveliest Links ~ October 28th Edition

<3 This ebook
seems like it would be a great resource for a newbie looking to figure out how to go through the process of moving to another country to teach English. And it's FREE! Hurrah!

<3 This post suggests putting olive oil on your eyelashes - is this something you would try? I think I'm gonna go for it...

<3 "I hate it when my house is so big, I need two wifi routers" and other first world problems, as read by Haitians in this new ad for a clean water fund.

<3  The ever amazing Grrrl Traveler has an insightful and honest post up about observations she can't help but make after returning home to the States following extended adventures abroad. Reverse culture shock is definitely a thing - a very disorienting thing. 

<3 Ahhh, a day in the life of a professional fashion blogger... looks lovely? I feel like I'd miss all the hugs and breakthrough vocab moments of teaching... though perhaps not when my little students have their poopy-pants moments. Bah.

I copied this list of 4 little things to do to show people you love them into my notebook. My fave: definitely the email with the memory. Need to do that more often.


Hope you've had a happy 1st of 2 Halloween weekends for this year, lovely readers! Would adore it if you'd send a link to your costume choice in the comments :)

xx Lady Expatriate