Sunday, 21 October 2012

Loveliest Links - October 21st Edition

Photo by Toni Frissell, via.

Holy banana pancakes, batman: was the the internet a good place to hang out this past week or what!?
(Hint: not 'what.')


<3 These photos by Kampuchea Party Republic are not only stunning, they also sincerely capture the mood and spirit of the city after the sad passing of His Majesty King Father Norodom Sihanouk.

<3 Ever since I first watched Shortbus, I've always wanted to hang out in a sensory deprivation tank for awhile. Seems intense. 

<3 It's kind of crazy that the same week that I watched this Ted Talk, Elsie posted this picture of the "Before I die..." wall in Chicago. Such a gorgeous idea.  

<3 Planning a round the world trip? Well lucky you. And I don't just mean that in the snide way. Like, seriously lucky you because lovely Katy has posted some tips to do it all without getting madly overwhelmed.

<3 Two food things that are really smart: this and this

<3 You cats are already probably hip to this kid's steeze, but just in case: I bring you the grade three student who dresses up as a different historical figure each day. How effing neat.

<3 This defines creepy/cool.

<3 Meredith from One Sheepish Girl is really rubbing this no fall thing in my face with her roundup of only the most perfect sweaters


I'm gearing up for a full-speed ahead week here in The Charming City. Finishing my articles for the next issue of What's Up Phnom Penh, scheduling skype dates, figuring out my kindy curriculum and meeting friends for wine... it's going to be busy. And beautiful. Fingers crossed.

Hope your week ahead only has hap-hap-happy things in store. Cheers!

xx Lady Expatriate