Monday, 29 October 2012

I heart thoughts. And catalogs. And combos thereof. But mostly lists!

How lucky we are to catch a glimpse of the elusive List Butterfly in its natural meadow habitat!
So happy to share this moment with you, dear readers.

Lovely friends, I am hereby issuing a New Favorite Website Alert. Perhaps, as has been the case on at least 2.8 separate occasions, I am the last to know about this delightful corner of the internet. But JUST IN CASE.

It's not often you find a website that combines humor and introspection and goal-thinking so ingeniously as the so-simple site Thought Catalog. Of course, I'm likely incredibly biased due to my rather extreme obsession with lists, but... well, no buts. I *am* biased, but I think even non-list-maniacs will get a kick out of it.

Break it down. 
What: site that makes lists about silly topics, serious topics, very socially-relevant topics.
Who: seems to focus on twenty-somethings. Because that age group is so lacking for coverage?
Why: funny, but some things are also a little painfully true. Makes you think about past decisions/attitudes/goals and future ones.

Current fave list #1: 22 Things You Could Be Doing With Your Life Instead of Getting Married
Makes me want to have an 'espresso phase.' But also makes me stoked to be in a relationship where, random "boinking" aside, I could do all these things, and sometimes with company from Partner In Crime. 'Tis indeed why he has the PIC title. Cheers to chilled out relationships. [Edit: wow that sounded sufficiently gloaty. Feel free to punch me... now. Som dtoh, friends.]

Current fave list #2: 19 Things To Stop Doing in Your Twenties
Remember how I mentioned painfully true? This feels a little like what I imagine a chat with a big sister who was sick of sugarcoating might be like. But that's a good thing! Identifying areas of improvement, building character and such, right?

Because I like lists, reading these lists inspired my own lists. And then I researched whether sun- or shade-grown espresso beans are better. (Hint: shade grown.)

Hope your Monday is swim-swim-swimming along. Unless you're reading me from the East coast of North Am. In which case that is an inapproriate turn of phrase and I'm sending you best wishes to keep safe.

OH - And please do give a shout in the Comments about which list from the site caught your eye most, or join the convo on facebook!

xx Lady Expatriate