Friday, 12 October 2012

Friday Fave: Korean Stationery

Last weekend, Partner In Crime and I hosted a dear friend of ours who was visiting from Korea. He was a deee-lightful house guest, up for anything, and what's more - he both bought and brought us presents!

The present he bought us deserves a post of its own - and it'll get it, don't you worry - and thus today we can devote all of our attention to the admiration of Korean letter-writing goods. When I was presented with a massive envelope sent with love from my darling amie Ms. Luana, I giggled like a nincompoop. Giggly giggly and you can't blame me. Because check it OUT.

When I found out Joohyeong was going to be making his way to our Charming City, I was presented with an offer from the aforementioned Lady Lu. "Tell me what you want sent," she said, and my mind reeled with possibilities. Gochujang? No, I could probably find that in a Korean grocery store here. Etude House makeup? Nah, don't really need any more makeup. *light bulb* Of COURSE!

I am fully and 100% convinced that nowhere on earth does there exist such cute-eh (please say it with Korean pronunciation in your head) stationery as there does in S.K. And all for about 1000 Won, or a dollar(ish) each! I definitely miss dropping into Daiso on payday and scooping up a stack of pretty notepapers, silly stickers, and cheeky cards to send to buddies.

Before I left Korea last time, I thought I had adequately stocked up. Not the case - in fact, I was running perilously low before this precious parcel ended up in my arms.

Seriously check out the close-up of these bunny stickers. Each of them has its own name. For example, the bunny on the top, second from the right, is called 'Pooping Bunny.' See the poop? This is not unusual for Korean stationery. Also worthy of note: the bunny bums - nope the tail's up higher, that's not a tail - at the top of the stationery. Silly shenanigans indeed! 

So three cheers for beautiful friends and pretty printed paper, both of which have the capacity to make me deliriously happy. And remember, if you're ever looking to book a stationery shopping holiday, hop on Korean Air and head straight for Seoul's dollar stores!

xx Lady Expatriate