Monday, 15 October 2012

Expat Outfit: All Cambo Pieces

Hello lovelies! Welcome to this edition of Expat Outfits. This one is dedicated to Cambodian fashion, which many people seem to think isn't really a thing. I feel inspired to post some Cambodian pretty things after visiting the .Beyond re-branding party this week - a brilliant company that is doing so much to develop the careers of up and coming designers here in Phnom Penh. 

Pockets! I love pockets.

Necklace: Siem Reap night market
Skirt: KeoK'jay Design Vintage
Top: Siem Reap night market
Ta-da! Hope you liked my expat outfit, and hope it's inspired you to hit the shops for some local products. Let me know where you like to shop by leaving a message in the comments!

Thanks for reading :)

xx Lady Expatriate

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