Thursday, 11 October 2012


Glorious stack of scarves at Central Market. I was kind of obsessed with those scissors - big heavy metal
lovelies with a well-worn, pale turquoise tortoiseshell handle. I took a bunch of pictures of them - a bunch - and the
mother and daughter running the stall had a good laugh with/at me! I <3 days at the market.

I always get a kick out of reading these posts on sites like Sometimes Sweet, so I thought I'd give it a go myself. No one can deny there's a shade of narcissism to them, but one could also argue the same thing about having a blog in the first place! ^^

Reading: 'Flappers and Philosophers' by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I remember that before I picked up 'The Great Gatsby,' I mistakenly thought that, because it was an "old book," Fitzgerald would be very antiquated and very dry. Quite the opposite, in fact! There's a great political satire in here that's just as relevant today, and his wit really does transcend the century or so separating us. "Bernice Bobs Her Hair" is my fave so far... have you read it!?

Watching: TED talks while eating dinner with Partner In Crime. I love that you can put in 10 minutes of your time and end up learning something new. It's such a great feeling to find one that really piques my interest and end thinking about it on the tuk-tuk the next day - it gives me hope that my brain isn't atrophying despite lack of institutionalized education!

Listening To: A mix cd (really an iPod playlist, but 'mix cd' sounds so much more romantic!) that PIC made for me last week. It's filled with Amanda Palmer, Gaslight Anthem, Mumford and Sons and Cosmo Jarvis, among others. Makes me smile knowing he picked every song out just for me. <3

Thinking About: What to do over the next couple weeks. I'm only working half-days (7am-12pm) for the next little bit, and PIC has the time off as well, so we're left with a lot less cash but a golden opportunity to really get to know our new city, and hopefully some day-trips to the countryside as well. Maybe I'll get to cross off some of my 26 for 26 goals - anyone up for rollerskating!?

Loving: Homemade-ish banana custard. Stay tuned for this one!

Trying to Figure Out: How to live the good life and still be able to pay off my spot of debt at home while making a Cambo teacher salary. This is definitely not the place to get rich, and I find myself sweatin when I think about cashflow. Bah. It really is a small price to pay to live someplace so vibrant as Phnom Penh, but I'm worried about how sustainable it is. I'm planning on talking this out a bit more in the future... hopefully you, my dear readers, will be able to give some guidance! 

Looking Forward To: Figuring out what the Water Festival in November is all about. I haven't done any research at all yet, so I'm really not sure what to expect. It'll be fun to plan a month of water-oriented activities for my kindergarten class, too.

Making Me Happy: Sitting on our big old balcony with Partner In Crime and counting geckos. How good $5 wine tastes after having no wine for weeks. 50 cent packs of chopped-up grapefruits. My little 3 and 4 year old students blowing kisses to me when I go home.

Ta-da! If you're still reading, thanks for showing an interest in my mind-thoughts. Have you done a post like this? Please do link in the comments - I'd love to give it a looksee!

Cheers, dear readers!

xx Lady Expatriate