Thursday, 4 October 2012

26 for 26: Magazine Goal Done and Dusted - What's Up Phnom Penh!

Last night I got a lovely little surprise when the gorgeous Anna Mischke tagged me in a photo she had just taken and popped on facebook. Just like that - my super secret project of late was revealed!

I'm super excited to have a piece in this month's edition of What's Up Phnom Penh - a new magazine filled with info on brilliant restaurants, businesses, cultural events and such delightful things around town.

My piece was on the perfect day off in Phnom Penh, and I filled mine with (semi-)accidental sleep-ins, delicious food at Ebony Tree and ARTillery, some shopping at Color Vintage and Paperdolls, and a spot of dancing to the hypnotisingly beautiful sounds of The Cambodian Space Project. Perfect day indeed.

Hooray! If you're in town, definitely be sure to pick up a copy of the mag. Um, says I, even though I actually haven't done that yet... tomorrow! Tomorrow I'm going scouting for one. And hopefully dropping by the WUPP party tomorrow night!

So, yesiree, that's my first goal for my 26th year done and dusted!

"Wait, wait wait," you say. "Cheating!" you proclaim. And maybe you kind of sort of have a point. As you might have guessed, the deadline was a bit before my birthday, so I knew about it pre-list-posting. HOWEVER! This item has been on my goals list for many a draft prior to the one that was posted, so I feel okay about it all. Not cheating! Mostly.

xx Lady Expatriate

P.S. As aforementioned, the divine Ms. Mischke is the pal who posted the above pic for me. She's a newbie to Phnom Penh, but she's already got a pretty great handle on what's what, and she's started her own blog. She's been posting some really thoughtful pieces about leaving her home country and impressions on arriving someplace so new and different. I'm in love with her writing style. Definitely drop by and give her some love! <3