Wednesday, 12 September 2012

"Wow, they're small" - Thoughts From My First Day at Kindy

Teeny tiny little feet of one of my smallest former students in Korea.

It's official: I've finally met the ten 3 and 4 year olds that will be running my mornings for the next year! How did it go, (I assume) you ask!? Well...

First days are never easy - especially when it's their first day too. Like their first, first day. Like "What is this place and why am I here and where is Mom going" first day. Like that.

There were some tears (not mine). There were some major challenges in the patience department (mine, probably theirs too). There was some pee (not mine!). Overall, though, I left in high spirits because there were also some good attempts at "good morning teacher" and "thank you," along with some cutie laughs and sweet tries at sharing.

Just about the best advice I could imagine for teaching little ones! Via Gourmet Worrier

Before I greeted my new students today, I paused and read the above sign displayed on my Head Teacher's office door listing all the ways to "Really Love a Child." They're all so very true and fundamental to the young learner/nurturing teacher relationship (except maybe the movies in your pyjamas thing? that one is kind of weird...), but the one that played over and over again in my head throughout the morning was "Remember how really small they are."

They're tiny. Little teensy people. 

It's a pretty crazy thing to step back and realize that you're likely the first major experience a child will have with formal education. All of a sudden the pressure can seem way too intense. That's why this first little chunk of school isn't so much about learning shapes or phonics - it's about making sure the tiny people in my care leave school wanting to go back the next day and see what new things they'll discover.

Fingers crossed that tomorrow will bring even more smiles (and less pee!).

xx Lady Expatriate