Saturday, 29 September 2012

Saturday Snap: So, yesterday was a little rainy...

I was just wrapping up the Gross Motor Skills portion of my morning kindergarten session when I heard the rain start pounding. Perhaps an hour and a half later, I was punching out my time card and getting ready to go find Khemara's tuk-tuk and head home to my apartment.

Cue my dropping jaw when I finally was able to look out the window: g'day Venice! Making my way to the tuk-tuk required wading through knee-deep water. I opted to take off my shoes for the 2 metre wet wander, which maybe isn't the smartest thing to do after all? All's well in the end, I suppose though, because my feet emerged from the murk unscathed and my little cloth flats are still kickin (sorry).

But yes, for a little Canadian girl who's only ever seen wild weather outside her door a couple times in her life, and most of it involving snow or ice, walking outside to find knee-deep flooded streets is definitely a new thing.

"Whoa," I thought. "I'm in Cambodia."

Hope you made it to the weekend without requiring hip-waders! Please do share your wild weather encounters!

xx Lady Expatriate