Saturday, 8 September 2012

Saturday Snap: "Duclksnake"

Ryan made me a duclksnake [sic]. Thanks, Ryan.
Know I haven't mentioned much about the whole 'teaching' part of my life, but that's mostly because I haven't really been teaching too much since arriving in Cambo. I've been working with a rad group of advanced, older students every evening for an hour, but until this past week had not found the perfect fit for a more full time position.

Well, ladies and gents, the times they are a-changin! I'm so excited to be helping to start up a new kindergarten program at a school here in Phnom Penh! I'm ready to work myself silly to make this school brilliant, and I'm quite delighted to have a chance to learn a bit more about marketing and administration along the way.

Can't wait to be back in a classroom with little ones! Love coming home with a pocket full of heartfelt notes and drawings, such as my epic 'duclksnake' pictured above. It's a one of a kind by Ryan - one of the most charismatic kids I've ever met. Could always count on him to air-guitar his way into my class in Seoul while his 5 year old classmates swooned over his fluffy mohawk. It's funny - before teaching little kids, I never knew such tiny people could have such bang on comedic timing already... or that they could sweat so much!

Ya, I'm stoked. Bring forth the phonics, let's go gross motor skills, time to art attack it up! Can't wait to meet my class of little people and start them on the path to loving learning.

xx Lady Expatriate

P.S. Would you care to have the mystical powers of the duclksnake watch over you for the rest of your earthly existence? If you Like my facebook page, I'll have a little chat with him on your behalf, see what I can do. Could be good!