Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Our First Korean Apartment - Complete with Sink Shower!

Welcome to our... room! (Singular.)

Let's just be honest here: everyone is more or less curious about what everyone else's living space looks like, amirite? For me, that curiosity becomes even more intense when I wonder about typical apartments in different cultures.

I remember back when I was a wannabe expat in 2008 and I just had no idea what to expect from my soon-to-be new home in Korea. What would it look like? Well, the word that comes to mind first is "small" - a pretty tiny space, indeed, for Partner In Crime and I to get to know each other during the first year we ever lived in the same country.

In fact, P.I.C. moved to Korea before I did, and even with his descriptions over the phone, I still wasn't able to picture the apartment I would be moving into. "Sink shower," he said. This did not resonate in my brain at all. I literally had no clue how to conceptualize the idea of having no barrier between the bathroom and the spraying water. As expat life goes, though, it wasn't much time before I was sink showering it up without a second thought.

Anyway, less talking - let the apartment snooping tour begin! Welcome to our home in Seoul for our first year in Korea, from 2008-2009.

Looks positively palatial from this angle, wouldn't you say?
Hello single bed. I don't miss you at all.
The entertainment center. Check out the heavily frosted glass that barely obscure the unmovable metal bars on the windows. Fingers crossed for no fire?
This photo features a glimpse of our one and only plate. I'm pretty sure that we
probably got another one, but maybe it's a little funny that I don't remember it...
It also features the entirety of our appliances (save an ancient kettle) AND our countertop space!
A very special moment: the sighting of the not-elusive-enough sink shower! There yonder!
This photo showcases the largest thing in our apartment: the washing machine. It would madly rock back and forth while doing its business and then sing a happy little tune when it was finished. That little tune would literally last for about 45 seconds. Seriously.
G'day sink shower! Want to feel a weird feeling? Stand in the middle of your bathroom and
then spray water everywhere with your shower head. Feels incredibly deviant for
the first couple times, even though that's clearly the whole point of the design.
Sink showers seem to be pretty common in the lower budget accommodations in Seoul,
and if you're (un)lucky enough to have one, it's a delightful bit of fun to tell friends at
home about - most people seem to be just as confused as I was!
And just because it's cute... here's some vintage art that John's students made for him when they found out he had a girlfriend (Cue the singsong "oooo a girrrrrrlfriennnnnnd!").

Do tell:
Have you used a sink shower before? If not, do you think you'd be into it!?

Thanks so much for coming along for a tour of our first Korea apartment! Stay tuned for an upcoming tour of my apartment the second time around in Korea (spoiler alert: not bigger), as well as the much teased about tour of our Cambodian apartment! 

xx Lady Expatriate