Sunday, 9 September 2012

Loveliest Links - September 9th

Hello, Lovely Readers! I'm knackered after a weekend of work that followed a week of work and preceded another week of work, and thus I shall present these tender morsels of internet goodness sans further commentary.

<3 I'm fascinated by these photo mashups of current day San Fran with shots of the same street right after the 1906 earthquake.

<3 Never missed catching up with Simon and Martina's video blog while I lived in Seoul. It's a brilliant resource for cracking the K-pop code, and a solid head's up to anyone thinking of moving to South Korea. Love that Simon and Martina are basically superstars now - well deserved, I reckon!

<3 More on the K-pop scene: if you are at all intrigued by the mention of a very in-depth (read: looong) but very interesting dissection of Psy's Gangnam Style and opinion of what 'Gangnam' really is/represents, click here.  

<3 Um, and just for the record, the best Psy song is obviously "Right Now" anyway. LOVE that this guy is the most massive international K-pop breakout star!  

<3 A seriously interesting short film about female cab drivers in NYC.

 <3 One of the neatest indie fashion shoot ideas!

Hope the weekend has been kind to you!

xx Lady Expatriate