Sunday, 30 September 2012

Loveliest Links - September 30th Edition

Pretty things from Honestly WTF

<3 "[Romance] isn't dead, it was just held hostage by the MTA for a little bit." Love this short article from The Gothamist profiling the upcoming restoration of 'Grand Central's Kissing Room'. Sounds like it will once again become a place you'd be pleased to don a stunning chapeau and smooch your sweetheart.

<3 Tutus, tulle, ruby tinted pointe shoes, and Valentino. This makes me feel a lot less silly about still wanting to be a ballerina just for the pretty dresses.

<3 I really try not to follow celebrity news, and living in Cambo makes that pretty easy, but I did find this article on Lady Gaga's recent announcement regarding her eating disorder to be very intelligent. I thought the author did a great job of unpacking the significance of Gaga's timing and the mixed messages inherent to her Body Revolution campaign.

<3 As someone who recently posted a mighty list of lofty ambitions for the year ahead, it was rather interesting to read this ridiculously well-written take on bucket lists versus the reality of adult responsibilities. I don't think I'm going to make my lists mutually exclusive though - I feel like I'll keep trying to keep a balance of the dreamy and the day to day. 'Try' being key...!

<3 New favorite blog award goes to Stars in Jars - a cute as a button site by a crafty gal living in Seoul. I have a feeling the lovely Ms. Whit B Nimble gets the credit for our initial mutual blog discoveries!  

Anything catch your eye on the internet this past week? Please do share!

xx Lady Expatriate

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  1. Who? Me???!!
    (dashes to the corner of the comment box and hides face in hands)

    But seriously- thanks for the link up and overall show of support.... To me you & your lovely blog epitomize the whole reason I felt I wanted to be a part of this funny ol' bloggy world~ a wish to write, read, share, be part of a community and make new friends.

    Thanks for the fellowship friend!!
    Lou (◡‿◡✿)

    1. Yes of course you! More people deserve to know about the spot of beauty that is your little corner of the internets!

      I totally agree with the whole pals+community aspect. Whit is such a great one for that too, don't you think? It makes perfect sense that you two are face to face buds! Wish I could pop over to Korea and meet you gals for an afternoon wander :)

      All the best, my dear! xx


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