Sunday, 23 September 2012

Loveliest Links - September 23rd Edition

Eeeee! Dancing on stage with Srey Thy of The Cambodian Space Project!
Congrats to them for being featured on Nat Geo's World Music Page!

<3 You only have 3 days left to listen to The XX play live with The BBC Philharmonic Orchestra - Go! Go! Go!

<3 Keiko Lynn, one of the most stylish ladies on l'internets, bared her soul in a recent post about birthdays and emotional maturity and getting to the spot in her life where she no longer seeks to cause chaos... this may have resonated, maybe just a little. 

<3 Expat Edna features a post from Farsickness who profiles her neighborhood in Seoul... which just so happens to be my old neighborhood in Seoul! I commented that it's an odd feeling to be able to picture a place so clearly, but to be at least a flight away from it. Heartbreaking.
Definitely check this out if you're curious about what Seoul looks like outside of Gangnam!

<3 Trying to make debt payments back home while making an average expat teacher salary in Cambo means being mighty smart with my Riel, which can seem a little un-fun at times. Love reading articles about intelligent budgeting and how forgoing luxuries can mean getting to achieve your travel (or, in my case, expat) dreams. For this loveliest links pick, Brooke reflects on saving $23,000 to travel the world. INSPIRING.

Cheers lovelies!

xx Lady Expatriate