Sunday, 16 September 2012

Loveliest Links - September 16

Hello lovelies! As a disclaimer, I will fully acknowledge that I am perhaps not the most knowledgeable of what has gone on throughout the internets this week, seeing as how I essentially filled every hour of each day with either planning for or teaching at one of my two jobs, or otherwise resting the painful sludge that has lately tended to slosh inside my skull. OH! And I also started working on a secret project that I will hopefully be able to share with you soon enough.
All that being said, still found a couple neat-o things. They are these:  

<3 The stunner of a photo featured above is part of The New York City Ballerina Project. 

<3 My girl Whit B Nimble had a birthday! As us bloggers are wont to do, she wrote a post about her goals for the next year, and they are INSPIRING!
I've got a bday coming up in a little bit, so you'll soon be seeing one of these from me, too... Pretty glad I had mine written before I saw Ms. B Nimble's, lest I become a plagirific fool and steal all her goal ideas! Can't wait to read about her progress for each of her brilliant choices.

<3 THIS is my most favorite thing on YouTube right now. After the trailer for The Great Gatsby, but of course. Skip to 1:03 if you want more beautiful music, less talky-talk.

<3 Further proof that I did not do a good job of finding a great variety of things on the internet this week: second link from Lost at E Minor (in fairness - an incredible site!). This series of celebrity mugshots given the time traveling treatment is included in the weekly roundup mostly because of the incredible vintage bob sported by Lindsay Lohan.

Best wishes for a beauty of a week ahead!

xx Lady Expatriate