Monday, 17 September 2012

I Miss You, Fall

If I were living in a place with fall weather, I would have an excuse to buy what
is surely the most perfect fall sweater. But I'm not, so I guess I don't. Darn.
Lovely readers, if you know me, you know that I'm a summer-lovin girl through and through. That being said, I fully acknowledge that there's something pretty special about fall. I love the crispness it brings and the way the air smells at night. I'd be a liar if I said the changing of the leaves is an over-hyped phenomenon. And as much as I adore sun dresses, I do appreciate how cozy it is to wrap yourself up in a fuzzy sweater or scarf. OH - and of course I have to mention the productivity kickstart that I always feel when a new season arrives. (Do you feel that, too?)

All these reasons are why I can't help feeling a little lonesome for fall right now. This will be my first year living in a 2 season climate, those seasons being the rainy and the dry. Even in Australia there was a major shift in temperatures - in fact, the winter in Canberra ended up being much chillier than I had imagined. I was definitely surprised when I had to go mitten shopping Down Under! So yes - it will be a big change to not have that shift in the air that reminds you that time has passed.

To make sure fall knows that I miss it, I'm bringing you five of my favorite "Living Vicariously Through Their Fall Experience" posts: 

The idea of wearing tights seems preposterous in this weather, but I would probably
suffer through it if I had these fairy-tale tights from Tabbisocks
as modeled by Fancy Fine
I'm pretty sure that A Beautiful Mess has by now featured a recipe for every occasion
imaginable, and I couldn't be happier about that! Now I just need a cold-snap in Cambo
so that I can fully appreciate their Aztec Hot Chocolate recipe.

Katie from Skunkboy Blog shares an adorable pumpkin spice inspired outfit
Speaking of pumpkin spice, Vanilla and Lace has posted a recipe for the drink
that tastes like fall in every sip
. I would probably try to make my own Pumpkin
Spice Latte if I could find pumpkin in Phnom Penh, even though it would feel so
very, very wrong to drink it during typically summer weather!

One Sheepish Girl posted a roundup of her favorite fall things. She and I agree on
all of them - especially school supplies! At least I can know that I'm saving money in
one way by living abroad: if I were at home during the end of August and start
of September, I would have definitely indulged in some back to school
shopping, even though I'm most definitely no longer a student!

I miss you fall. You're pretty great. And I know it's not your fault that you turn into winter. Maybe we'll catch up in a couple of years. Til then...

xx Lady Expatriate