Sunday, 2 September 2012

Loveliest Links

Emma from 'A Beautiful Mess' may have found the perfect drink for me!
Have you guys noticed that the internet was really, really awesome over the past week?! There's so many things I want to share with you!

I'm especially grateful for these sweet distractions of cool words+photos because, let me tell you lovely readers, the past week has been a real humdinger. A good one to have in the rearview mirror.

Anyway - I'm sure it will just make next week's lovely things seem even lovelier than they would have otherwise.

Less talking, more linking, starting... now!


<3 I think Emma might have solved my 'what to drink in Cambodia?' problem: this looks delicious. 

<3 If you also self-identify with being a 'word nerd', here's a post you need to see from a site I just found out about but think I might love.

<3 Loving Whit B Nimble's Friday Five post chronicling her fondest travel moments. Check it out for tales and pics of Cambodia and India. I love Whit's honesty in how overwhelmed she felt at certain points - this is such a common feeling upon arrivals in such foreign cultures, and I think so much travel-bloggery overlooks this feeling.
(OH! Don't forget to pop back by Our Dear Lady Expatriate on Thursday - I just received Ms B Nimble's answers to my expat interview questions, and - take it from me, folks - you will not want to miss hearing her talking about life-changing love, adjusting her expat attitude, and what beautiful adventures she's set her hopes on for the future. Get excited!!)

<3 I know you've probably read an article or two about goal-setting before, but you probably haven't read one so full of glamour!

Well he's certainly not un-handsome.

<3 Sometimes dresses are so pretty that they make me just sit and smile like a silly person.  

<3 This dude scours google earth streetview images and posts the most extraordinary ones. Love trying to guess where in the world each one is from! 

<3 Post of the week award goes to...
Sarah from Yes of Yes has shared a list of 33 things she's learned in her 33 years of doing that whole air-breathing, life-living thing. #1 was very pivotal this week as I struggled to make a massive decision that pitted my logic against my gut... gut won, and I've not a single regret!


Cheers to what I hope will be a beautiful week ahead for all!

xx Lady Expatriate