Wednesday, 5 September 2012

5 Quirky Things I (Mostly) Love About Our Cambodian Apartment

When Partner In Crime and I first began apartment hunting, we had only seen a couple of friends' apartments and really didn't know what to expect in terms of the items typically included in a "furnished apartment" in Phnom Penh.

The first few rentals we viewed were pretty dodgy in this regard, but a quick change of realtors and off we went to see what became our current home - in no small part because it was chock-full of quirky little accents.

I know I owe you all a proper apartment tour, but I have picture frames to figure out how to hang and a couple other little thingamabobs I want polished and pretty before the big reveal. So... consider this a teaser!?

Quirky Thing #1: Art Deco Peacock Lights
When we were apartment hunting and I took a glance waaay up to the ceiling, the deal became almost immediately seal-able. 'Twas love at first sight with these lights (why yes, there's more than one!). 

Quirky Thing #2: Our Dining Room Table
It's a beast to move, but what a gorgeous hunk of wood. The shaping of the bottom of it is so eye-catching (and eye-retaining - I end up staring at it a lot), and the tint of the stain is so rich. Wish it was ours for keeps, though somehow I feel like it wouldn't travel internationally too well...

Quirky Thing #3: Vintage Light
So, I'm preferring to think of this light as 'vintage' and 'art-y,' though some might see fit to make an argument for 'tacky'... In any case, it casts such a soft light, filled with warmth. Definitely cozies up the room, which is still something I love, contrary to what you might expect with the heat!

On the left, our door to the apartment. On the right, our kitchen. Seriously quirky.
Quirky Thing #4 (Now with bonus quirkiness!): Our Kitchen
Nightly (or, in the case of when it's my turn to make dinner, more like weekly), the parade begins: to the kitchen to get the chopping board, back to the main room to get the food from the fridge. Chop chop chop while listening to tunes, off to the kitchen to cook it up, back to the main room to get dishes, fill up the plates in the kitchen, and FINALLY, relax and eat in the main room.
Not quirky at all, you say. Many people have a separate dining room and kitchen. Ah, yes, but do they have to go out their front door to get there!?
In the morning, we literally have to unlock our front door, go out into the hall, unlock the kitchen door, and get to work on breakfast. To pre-emptively answer what has so far been a FAQ, the kitchen's not shared, it's all ours, but it's definitely a fully separate part of the building.

Quirky Thing #5: Our Wooden Doors
While we're on the topic of doors... Did you happen to catch the carving on the door to the kitchen? The carving on our doors is exquisite. I'm not sure how mass-produced they are (probably very), but I do know that I love them and that they kind of make me feel like I'm living in an art gallery!

To sum up...
I remember one apartment that we looked at with the first realtor was a brand new, completely Western style, 100% quirk-less set-up. Very glamorous, very dull. What we wanted was an apartment that made us feel like we were living in Cambodia from the moment we woke up each day, and I guess we got it! One of these quirks (lookin at you, weird-o kitchen) is a slight pain, but I still wouldn't trade in our apartment: pretty attached to this place already, I suppose. 

So yes, ta-da! Oh - what's that? Still whinging about the lack of full house tour, are we!? Hold your horses, dear lovely readers - I'll do my best to get it up here soon! :) 'Til then...

Do Tell: Lovely readers, what's your favorite quirky thing about our apartment? How would you feel about having to go out through your front door to get to your kitchen!?

xx Lady Expatriate