Wednesday, 26 September 2012

26 Adventures To Keep the Party Going Through My 26th Year

As I see it, September is the loveliest of all the months. In Canada, it's turning into fall and everyone's back to school (which I, as a total nerd, always adored). In Australia, spring is starting to have sprung and all of the beautiful people will soon begin becoming tanned anew. In Phnom Penh... well, it's hot. And wonderful like always. And those are the reasons why September is the most wonderful of the months.

Oh yes: and because it's my birthday!

As you may know, I'm a rather compulsive list-maker and goal-setter, and not a birthday and/or New Year and/or start of any month has ever gone by without putting numbers down the side of a page and filling in the spaces with plans for exciting things. Following the examples of three of my favorite bloggers, Sarah, Whit  and Elsie, I've decided to pop my list up online and share each of these little goals with you.

Some are about exploring the rich culture of Cambo, some are a little bit silly, some are about spending money on spoiling myself in a way I've never given myself permission to before, and some are the stuff of pure adventure.

So, in my 26th year, here are 26 brilliant things I'm going after:

        1. Drive a moto
        2. Try eating frog

        3. Finish the Angkor Wat Half Marathon                              
        4. Go to Vietnam
        5. Successfully give blood
        6. Do a Khmer princess photoshoot
        7. Try to figure out Photoshop
        8. Confidently bike in Phnom Penh
        9. Go rollerskating at Sorya Mall
        10. Obtain and read my credit report
        11. Get a totally impractical manicure  
        12. Try eating fresh durian
        13. Take a Khmer cooking or Apsara dance class
        14. Try a cleanse or macrobiotic diet for a week
        15. Get health insurance

        16. Have an outfit tailor-made
        17. Have an article published in a magazine
        18. Shoot a gun 
        19. Have an hour-long foot massage
        20. Go on a biking day trip outside Phnom Penh
        21. Have an ethical 'encounter' with a wild animal
        22. Read all of F. Scott Fitzgerald's books
        23. Visit a dermatologist 
        24. Do a collaborative post with a biz here
        25. Make my own brown sugar exfoliating scrub         
        26. Visit a floating village

Bring it on! :)

xx Lady Expatriate