Monday, 20 August 2012

Supermarket Surprise: Basil Seed Drink

Unsure as to whether I want to drink it or run a lab test on it!

One of my favorite things to do after arriving in a new country, whether to live in for awhile or just to ramble through, is to spend silly amounts of time gazing at all the familiar and foreign items in supermarkets and convenience stores. Like, I would rather do this then your usual sightseeing suspects. Love it. 

Shockingly enough, this often leads to purchasing things that I'd marveled over in the aisles. Dried tomatoes covered in sugar?! In the basket. Grass jelly drink? Curiosity abounds - I'd better buy it. 

This week's prize find was "Basil Seed Drink with Honey" - a Thai import, full of floating little black seeds encased in fluffy translucent pouches.

If my job was to create tag lines for things, I would think up "Sweet and Chewy!" for this beauty bottle - which is probably why my job is not that. But it's accurate! In any case, the remainder of this review will be colored by your take on this simple question: do you like your drinks to have floaty, chewy bits?

Personally, I love anything I can sip and snack on at the same time. Aloe juice, bubble tea - yes, please! So I am firmly in the "Texture = Awesome" camp. If you're also in that camp, definitely grab a bottle of this, if only to explore the gushy feel of the seeds as you chase them around your mouth.  I expected them to be similar to passion fruit seeds, but they're not nearly as solid. Even though they don't crunch satisfyingly between your teeth, I'd still rate them in terms of adding some 'punch,' and they definitely add some visual interest to your glass.

The flavor itself is sweet, but it's a subtle sweetness that makes me believe they've used real honey. I still can't quite figure out what the basil seeds taste like - maybe nothing? That doesn't really stop me from liking them!

Overall, I'd say this drink is meant for lazy afternoon sipping. It's yummy, but I wouldn't say it's very refreshing. At $0.99 USD at Lucky Supermarket, it's definitely worth a try - but only if you like texture in your drinks!!

Happy sipping and supermarket exploring!

Do Tell:
What's the weirdest or most exciting thing you've found at the grocery store lately?!
xx Lady Expatriate