Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Super Exciting Announcement Ahoy!!

No, Mom - no wedding on the way. Cool your jets!

Besides, this is EVEN BETTER.

This time next week, I'll have a brand new feature coming your way:
Get ready for weekly interviews with only the most interesting expats! I'll be asking all about what makes them tick, what has brought them to... well, wherever they may happen to currently be, and what crazy things they've seen/eaten/done along the way.

This is your chance to check out an array of expat gigs and have a few places added to your expat bucket list. Or, not, as the case may be - expats sure can be an opinionated crew, especially when it comes to 'Never Again' countries!

You, my dear readers, have an opportunity to
       a) propose a question for the interview (anything you please!)
       b) nominate yourself as an expat worthy of blog page typing words
Why not give 'er a go?!

Sneak preview of next week: I'm going to be chatting with this handsome guy:

Reading a debate on the (ir)rationality of religion and the requirements for morality in the Hello Kitty Cafe in Hongdae, Seoul. As you do.

Around these here parts of l'internets, he happens to go by the handle of Partner in Crime... That's right - the very first interview is with my own dear co-conspirator in romance and travel! I think he'll work just fine as a guinea pig, don't you?

xx Lady Expatriate