Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Mini Update: First 6am Run Done and Dusted!

Ladies and gents, 

A mini update to yesterday's pledge of running in today's early morn, as suggested by many a previous Phnom Penher: Did it. Hells yes. Pulling myself out of bed was silly levels of difficult, and the run itself felt a bit slow and heavy, but getting to be part of the city at that hour eliminated any second thoughts I'd been having.

If there was ever a time and place in my life that I should become a certified Morning Person, this would be it. The city is so shockingly alive at 6am! The main walking areas along Sihanouk are filled, not just with walkers and runners of all ages, but with Tai Chi groups, Tae Kwan Do groups, and aerobics groups, as well! 

For some reason the one picture I took shows an incredibly deserted area, comparatively.
I blame an unaccustomed 6:15am brain?
Seriously, though, could not be less representative.
Other than that it's proof I was actually awake then.

It's just so weird to be awake at that time (that could be a complete thought in and of itself) and to have sidewalks (loose term) be full and businesses be open (true story! lots of them!). People are just walking around like normal, even those on their way to work, instead of having faces contorted with agony and shoulders slumped forward in physical protest at being awake so early (as I had previously expected). 

The seemingly universal Phnom Penh embrace of the morning obviously has to do with the sun rising pretty early here and the temp being so refreshingly cool round about that time (29 Celsius-ish). So I guess I should get with the program. If The Penh is going to be my city, I should make myself available to it. Even if that does mean breaking my night owl habits and reinventing myself as a Morning Person. Sounds painful.

But it could be the start of a beautiful thing.

xx Lady Expatriate