Sunday, 26 August 2012

Loveliest Links

Dancing as though no one's watching while in a very public place:
Silent Disco in Hongdae Park, Seoul, in 2011.

<3 Loving this post from Matador about silent discos. Reckon we should get one going in Phnom Penh - who's with me?! 

<3 I'm going to break my rule and talk about another link from the above site, mainly because the "wicked" public art installations of David Černý in Prague have to be seen to be believed. 
<3 A restaurant in the Penh after my own aesthetic heart: Khmer 440 reviews 'Deco,' a classy local eatery, and makes me wonder why I'm not there at this exact moment gorging myself on sticky toffee pudding. Ooo and there's even more shots of the interior on the official Deco site

<3 Continuing with the art deco theme, check out the exquisite pics snapped by Lady Melbourne when she was visiting the incredibly unique Manchester Unity building. The architecture is incredible, but my favorite part is the door to the Typing Room.

<3 Loved both the description and the photos of Laura from A Wandering Sole conquering the Dead Sea Marathon. It's not everyday you get to read a first hand account about running 42 kilometers towards the lowest point on Earth, and it's definitely inspiring for Partner In Crime and I as we start to amp up our training for the Angkor Wat Half Marathon.


Hope the week ahead holds only good things for you, lovely readers! I'm starting the training for my main teaching job tomorrow... wish me luck!

In the meantime, do tell:
Have you ever danced your face off at a silent disco? Eaten sticky toffee pudding at Deco? Seen babies crawling on buildings in Prague? Leave a little note in the comments, I beg!
xx Lady Expatriate