Sunday, 19 August 2012

Loveliest Links

Sweater guard from flapperdoodle's etsy shop - LOVE.
<3 I've been happily preoccupied with the idea of sweater guards after fashion blogging fairy Kani featured them a few months back... then I found the gorgeous set above in flapperdoodle's etsy shop. Do I dare try to even stop myself from ordering them?! They're kind of perfection... 

I'm such a nerd for things like this timeline of future literary sci-fi events.

<3 Second week to feature her in a row, I know, but the incomparable Grrrl Traveler has posted an article listing 10 beloved things about Cambo. I know my own visa ink is still fresh and that I've yet to head out into the rural hills, but I still reckon her post captures the country perfectly!

A pool in the sky? For ME?! Oh, you shouldn't have! 

My fave new blog award goes to Whit B Nimble - be sure to check out this lovely lady's site! She's currently living in Seoul and has posted a delightful DIY stationery project, along with a couple of round-ups of beautiful moments and things. I can't wait until her next post. :)

Best wishes for a lovely week ahead, friends! 

xx Lady Expatriate

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