Sunday, 12 August 2012

Loveliest Links

Hello, hello, dear readers! I trust you've had a delightful weekend, hopefully full of coffee-sipping and new-thing-learning. 

Had a gorgeous Sunday morning myself: woke up early to eat brekkie and watch UFC with some pals (old tradition, pretty entertaining!), then off to Central Market to see if I could find a few more pretty things to wear to work. 

Not, much luck in that area, and after two hours in the sweaty maze of the market, I was ready to quit. JUST THEN! Had a spot of luck and stumbled upon these two nifty pieces: 


A crisp white T is an essential, and one with Mickey Mouse sporting a Yosemite Sam mustache?! Too funny not to, especially for $5!


 My prize of the day! Found this gorgeous vintage clutch amongst a million Prada and Chanel knock-offs... Anyone know the brand? End up settling on $10 for this beauty and I probably couldn't be more pleased!

 Onto the links! 

<3 Grrrl Traveler, one of my new fave blogs, recently wrote a really thought-provoking article about the effects of built up expectations and travel hype, drawing on her experiences visiting Angkor Wat. Agree or disagree, I think it's so interesting to hear the perspective of someone who has seen so many wonders that the world has to offer.

<3 I love the way that Meredith at One Sheepish Girl always seems able to find beauty in details. This short photo post about her simple and heartfelt guerilla art makes me giddy. Seriously - wouldn't seeing this just make your day?

<3 Sarah, of the ever-inspiring blog Yes and Yes, guest-wrote a post about how to go about saving up for big ticket items. This is a must-read for all my friends: a perfect guide to help you bank some cash and get your cheeky bums over here to visit me!

<3  Have you watched the trailer for The Great Gatsby yet today? Oh yeah, well have you watched it twice? I didn't think so! Hop to it! 

Spotted any links that have caught your fancy this week? I'd be indebted if you shared them in the comments! 

 Hope the week ahead holds only beautiful surprises. :) 

xx Lady Expatriate